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Sun Fire T2000 server reviews

January 31, 2006
We launched our new Niagara processor-based Sun Fire T2000 servers last month, and they have surely been a hit with customers. Scott referred to the T2000 server order backlogs in his earnings call, and I gather we received more than 60,000 requests for information in our T2000 server 60-day trial program.

But let me just concentrate on what reviewers are saying about this server. Paul notes in his InfoWorld review that the T2000 is “very good at nearly every form of threaded tasks such as Web and application services” and a uniquely compelling server solution for countering power consumption, rack density and heat generation issues in the datacenter. Doug (of InfoWorld Test Center) and Paul must have been very impressed, as the “Most Innovative Server” prize went to T2000 in InfoWorld 2006 Technology of the Year awards. Thanks, Guys!

Others were equally impressed. Check out what Tom said in his Network World review: “We found the T2000 unusual (in a good way), with performance in several profiles unmatched for the power and space it consumes…The T2000 is a powerhouse…

I liked the first version of Network Computing review that Chris penned. The 19th Dec review had a subtitle: “When Sun’s CoolThread technology meets multithreaded apps, it’s burn baby burn” and the last line of conclusion was “These servers could save companies millions.” I am sad to see that these lines went away in the revised version.

Anne from eWEEK agreed: “As enterprises become increasingly concerned about power consumption and cooling costs, Sun’s bet on more cost-effective systems that use less power by doing simpler tasks is a move that IT managers will appreciate.” You gotta check out her review as well.

I tell ya… a lot of sweat from a wonderful virtual team of Sun folks (6 different offices spanning 2 continents) made these reviews happen. Hats off to Mat for juggling so many things, Peter for lending his technical expertise, Sara for springing her magic on systems availability (and for the big expense for shipping the units overnight from China), Jim for chiming in with short notice, and to Colin for keeping everything in order. I wish one day I could take a picture of everybody together. Heck, just meet with you guys in person at least for once and spend some quality time over beer. 🙂 You guys simply rock!!!