InfoWorld Review: Muscular Sun Fire X4200 Feels the Burn


You gotta read Paul Venezia‘s review of Sun Fire X4200 server in InfoWorld. You’d see why there is so much buzz around  our Galaxy (and Niagara, but that one for another blog) servers. There are definitely more that we’ll be showing off in not-so-distant future, but I can’t talk about those, yet. Back to the review

Sun Fire X4200 scored an 8.7 out of 10 possible points to earn the publication’s ‘Excellent‘ designation. Fabulous!!!

This review follows InfoWorld’s September 2005 review of a preproduction Sun Fire X4100 test unit. The outcome of this first review was generally positive, but InfoWorld’s testing team did encounter some issues during that evaluation. So this one is specially sweet .

Paul begins his X4200 review by detailing the X4200’s components and design architecture before addressing the advanced management features offered with the X4200, noting that “As many server manufacturers are discovering, it’s not just performance that makes a server successful; it’s also management. With the server market largely consolidating to a common pool of chipsets and CPU structures, performance across several similar servers from different vendors generally doesn’t fluctuate greatly. The management aspects of those servers are what can set them apart. In this arena, Sun has been working overtime.” Sure we did, and great to know you liked them, Paul.

Paul is also very upbeat about the X4200’s remote management functionality and notes that the X4200 did very well via most of the performance testing. He concludes his review in this way: “As far as commodity Opteron-based servers go, the Sun Fire X4200 is near the front of the pack in design, performance, and management. I could easily picture myself building out a datacenter with X4200s. A better disk I/O subsystem would complete the picture, but even with that caveat, the X4200 is an attractive, solid workhorse server and a good value for the money.

Hats off to the Galaxy team and a very special thanks to Pierre and Pradeep for all the help they provided for reviews…


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