“Sun On Fire With New Multicore x86 Servers” — CRN review

The rave reviews of Sun Fire X4200 server continue. This time CRN is praising the system.

In the CRN review, Marc Spiwak notes the performance and power consumption advantages of AMD Opteron-based servers versus Xeon-based servers as well as the dual 32/64-bit support, reliability/redundancy and advanced manageability features offered with the X4200.

Among the highlights: “Powered by AMD Opteron processors, the Sun Fire X4200 server reaches new levels of performance and efficiency and offers enterprise-class reliability…On the compute-intensive SPEC CPU2000 benchmark, the Sun Fire X4200 server achieved a SPECfp_rate2000 result of 53.8, which set a record for two-way x86 systems…The Sun Fire X4200 is faster than two-socket Xeon-based servers in transaction processing and secure Web serving. It is well-suited for use in application servers, databases, network services, security and Java development.

Marc weaves in related perspective on Sun’s N1 System Manager and Grid Rack System before closing his review with an overview of Sun’s x64 channel partner program, where he concludes “partners will have control over determining their own margins [earned via X4200 sales] based on incentives offered by Sun. Requirements to join the program are based on minimum participation criteria—all of which seem like fair metrics for VARs pursuing the high-end server market.

Thanks Marc — we are glad that you liked the system very much…


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