Comprehensive Creator review in Java Developer’s Journal

Java Developer’s Journal published the review of Java Studio Creator 2 by Jason Halla in its March edition. This is a positive and very comprehensive review

Jason’s premise for the review is that because Java Studio Creator 2 is positioned as a visual drag-and-drop IDE for easy Java Web application development, it is well-suited for small and medium-sized business. In the introduction, he compares Creator 2 to Visual Studio and Dreamweaver, stating “JSC2 more comprehensive from a J2EE perspective than what you would expect from Dreamweaver by allowing JSC2 users to tap directly into business logic and data represented by EJBs, Web services, or databases using a drag-and-drop paradigm.

He spends the majority of the review evaluating the usability and visual capabilities of Creator 2, describing them as “polished.”  He further noted, “I appreciated the fact that Sun took the visual approach to its logical conclusion in Java Studio Creator, working this concept into each of the main IDE features.

He concludes the review by stating, “All told, if you’re an SMB looking for a cost-effective way to rapidly and visually build your company’s Website, Sun’s Java Studio Creator 2 is definitely worth considering.


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