Linux Format “How-To” article on OpenSolaris

Mike Saunders published a very positive, in-depth ‘how to’ article for OpenSolaris in this month’s print issue of Linux Format. The article was accompanied by a DVD of OpenSolaris distribution BeleniX 0.4a.

Mike wrote the how-to and installation guide based on his own testing of OpenSolaris using the included BeleniX distribution in the accompanying DVD. He opens the article by praising Solaris, highlighting “it has an excellent and well-deserved reputation of being rock-solid and speedy on multi-CPU servers – it’s very much the OS of choice for large-scale Oracle database systems.”  He then goes into the benefits of running opening up Solaris to a community audience.

The piece walks users for the steps of installing and running OpenSolaris. On the feature side, Mike encourages users to visit the open versions of DTrace and Solaris Zones — highlighting these as two tremendous features of Solaris 10.  

Mike highlights through the ‘how-to’ piece that while OpenSolaris – and Solaris in general – are decent for desktop environment, that it really shines with large servers.  He mentions, “Cosmetically, Belenix is similar to many Linux distributions. Solaris was already heading in this direction before Sun open sourced it, as Solaris 10 (the current release) uses the Gnome-based JDS as its default desktop environment.  It’s when you dig under the surface that you uncover the astoundingly powerful features and capabilities that have kept Solaris a favourite of many admins. They’re not the kind of features that will revolutionise a desktop experience, but on ‘big iron’ machines they’re mightily valuable.” 


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