eWEEK’s positive review of Sun Java Communications Suite


Yesterday Michael Caton of eWEEK posted a very positive review of the Sun Java Communications Suite awarding “Excellent” ratings in interoperability and extensibility, and “Good” ratings in administration, groupware features and platform support. He also tied in a brief look at the Java System Portal Server, commenting “Companies will likely want to purchase a fourth component of the Sun Java Enterprise System, Sun Java System Portal Server, to really tie the components together with IM presence data.

Mike tested a core set of features of the Communications Suite running on a Sun Fire T2000 server — including interoperability, administration and extensibility.  He found that while the various servers in the suite can be operated independently of each other “Sun has done a good job of integrating the servers where it makes sense to help users manage e-mail, calendars and IM.”  He also highlights Sun’s very low per-user pricing in volume.  

Mike specifically praises the IM server stating that  “it does a good job of providing access to the rich capabilities found on most XMPP-based servers, such as persistent chat.” As part of the IM features, he looks at the use of the Java System Portal Server‘s IM portlet as a way to improve integration of user presence throughout all of the servers’ applications.

Finally, in a positive competitive comparison, Mike highlights a Sun plug-in that “almost completely hides users from the fact that they are accessing a server other than Microsoft Exchange.

Great job, folks…


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