Sun Grid in InfoWorld Screening Room


Jon Udell, lead analyst and blogger at InfoWorld, has posted a positive screencast of the Sun Grid and the Compute Server Project via The Screening Room

The screencast consists of two parts.  Part one is a walkthrough of the Sun Grid portal focusing on where users can buy CPU hours, upload jobs, and run them on Sun’s grid for a dollar per CPU hour.  As Jon states in his written coverage of the screencast, “When you see how quickly a distributed job can burn through CPU hours, you start to get a feeling for how this might make business sense.

The second part of the screencast focuses on the Compute Server Project.  Jon notes that although any Solaris program can run on the grid, the Compute Server Project provides Java classes and NetBeans plug-ins that simplify the process of writing and running distributed Java programs.  Jon asks the Sun Grid team a variety of questions throughout the screencast ranging from the Grid billing process to technical questions on NetBeans, APIs and language capabilities. 

Check out the screencast from The Screening Room and the related blog entry from Jon.


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