Smart Computing designates StarOffice 8 a “Smart Choice”

StarOffice 8 has been awarded the “Smart Choice” designation in a round-up review of alternative office suites  in Smart Computing.

StarOffice 8 was compared with 602PC Suite 4.1, Ability Office Professional 4 and ThinkFree Office 3. The reviewer, Jeff Dodd echoes throughout his review that this latest release delivers big brand functionality at a low cost. He details its quick installation and effortless registration process.  He also discusses all of its features highlighting the fact that each component comes packed with Microsoft-caliber features. Jeff also calls out the fact that registered users get three free phone or email support incidents in their first 60 days of use, “a perk that is virtually unheard of these days.

Jeff concludes his review with high praise for StarOffice 8, “Nevertheless, quality off-brand office suites are out there. And without a doubt, StarOffice 8 is the best. At less than a quarter of the price of Microsoft Office, the package is definitely worth serious consideration for anyone who prefers cash in hand to a popular brand.

A big thanks to Iyer, Erwin and Kay for helping to make this review such a success!


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