Sun Ray Wins Network Computing’s Well-Connected Award

Sun Ray wins the Network Computing’s Well-Connected Award for Design, Innovation or Enhancement in the Network Infrastructure category!

I am absolutely thrilled!!! I do believe what John Siefert of Network Computing had to say about this award: “This is an important distinction from any other award program — the products selectedin the Well Connected Awards have  been tested in an actual business environment and judged by our editors themselves. They are truly innovative solutions that work — and we have the metrics to prove it.

Verbatim from Network Computing article:

Design, Innovation Or Enhancement
Winner: Sun Microsystems SRSS (Sun Ray Server Software) 3.1
We expected great design, smooth integration or exceptional enhancement from the winner in this category. Sun Microsystems’ SRSS (Sun Ray Server Software) 3.1 delivers all three. SRSS had the best design and enhancement using a server-based computing architecture with cool Sun Ray DTUs (Desktop Units). Combine Solaris 10 and the SunWut package with a Java runtime environment and the SRSS is ready to serve applications to Sun Ray DTUs using Web-based management. In a bandwidth-challenged environment, SRSS uses an aggressive compression ratio to pass I/O from server to thin client.

Check out more about this here.

Congratulations to the Sun Ray Team for the great thin-client product that simply rocks!!!

And lookout for another major review on Monday… 😉


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