Glowing StarOffice 8 reviews continue…


Couple of days ago, Chris Watt posted a review of StarOffice 8 in Software Editorial.

Overall, this is an extremely positive review as Chris notes that StarOffice 8 is not only a great alternative to MS Office but also a better choice over OpenOffice 2.0.  He praises Sun’s technical support throughout his article. Much of his review focuses on the features StarOffice offers versus OpenOffice. He also notes that StarOffice is able to export a file as a PDF which is something MS Office can not do presently. Toward the end of his review he details StarOffice Draw and StarOffce Base and speaks favorable about each application.

Chris concludes his review with this glowing statement: I cannot think of anything that touches it [StarOffice] for sheer value if you are a business, organization or charity, and if you require good technical support even if you are a home user then this does the job nicely, I have noticed when I have surfed the web that there are many satisfied customers, And I myself are one of them.

At the end of the review Chris has a link to a couple of positive user testimonials from Burlington Coat Factory and Bristol City Council.

As always, many thanks to the StarOffice 8 team for helping us to secure these great reviews!


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