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Windows IT Pro review strongly recommends Galaxy servers

June 28, 2006
Our first product review in a primier Windows-only publication is in, and the results are fabulous.

The Sun Fire X4100 review in the July 2006 issue of  Windows IT Pro is very positive, and the reviewer Trisha Pendley calls it “a surprisingly fine choice for the Windows SMB.

Trisha gives 4 out of 5 stars to the Galaxy server highlighting various aspects of systems design and ILOM.

Additionally, she calls out the overall performance by stating “the Sun Fire X4100 recently set three new x86 world records, according to a benchmark test that emulates server-side Java applications and measures performance in business operations per second and throughput. … Suffice it to say, Sun appears to have met the challenge of providing a high-performance server for the Windows community.

The only ding we get is not having the option of Galaxy coming preinstalled with Windows.

The best part of the review is in the final recommendation:
RECOMMENDATION: Thanks to its flexible pricing and configuration options, the Sun Fire X4100 is a great buy for the SMB that wants a small-footprint, high-performance Windows server.

PS: Windows IT Pro has a very long lead time, hence some statements appear to be dated.


Sixth Annual eWEEK Excellence Award

June 20, 2006
The Sixth Annual eWEEK Excellence Award winners posted yesterday. This year almost 800 entries were submitted for the award, from which 19 winners in different categories were chosen. StarOffice 8 is the Productivity Applications category winner.

The eWEEK staff notes in their award write-up that StarOffice offers unique features and a multiplatform system that meets the OASIS ODF standard. They were also very impressed by the extensibility and compatibility of its features. The judges particularly liked the fact that the office suite supports Windows, Linux and Solaris operating systems and its low cost compared to Microsoft Office.

CRN: T1000 “Sun’s Energy Super Saver”

June 12, 2006
Today’s print issue of CRN is running a very positive Sun Fire T1000 server review. T1000 received 4 (out of 5) stars in both Technical and Channel ratings with a “CRN Test Center Recommended” status.

Marc Spiwak, the reviewer, is very impressed with the server. He says that anything that can save energy is worth the investment, and the Sun Fire T1000 server is ideal for power and space-constrained applications where computing horsepower can not be compromised.

Marc explains that similar to the latest dual-core Pentium processors but a lot more powerful, the UltraSPARC T1 processor can be purchased with as many as eight four-way multithreaded processing cores and can process up to 32 simultaneous threads.

Marc also gives the nod to Solaris, noting that Solaris 10 operating system is ideal for the T1000 server and other systems containing multicore processors. He mentions that the management software utilities included the Sun N1 System Manager, Sun Management Center, Sun N1 Service Provisioning System and the Sun N1 Grid Engine.

As for channel partners, they have control over determining their own margins based on incentives offered by Sun.

StarOffice 8 Impress impresses Computer Shopper

June 9, 2006
Computer Shopper Magazine (UK) evaluated several presentation software products. StarOffice 8 Impress received four stars with the reviewer noting that its interface was clearer than Microsoft’s PowerPoint 2003. StarOffice 8 was considered a better choice than Lotus SmartSuite 9.8 and Corel WordPerfect Office X3, among others.

Check out the review here.

ServerWatch: T2000 is the best midrange server

June 7, 2006
Sun Fire T2000 server has won another award!

This time the readers at ServerWatch have picked Sun Fire T2000 as the best Midrange Server.

The OpenSolaris project has been declared runner-up in the Open Source Community category. The piece notes, “Operating systems helped blaze the open source trail, and our runner-up is no exception to this. The OpenSolaris project, sponsored by Sun Microsystems, is a community built around the Solaris operating system. The project contains the core kernel, networking, libraries and commands from the Solaris OS as well as tools and community-driven off-shoots.

Check out the article here.

Customer reviews and ratings — directly from

June 7, 2006


You must have read Jonthan’s blog by now…

We all read reviews before buying anything new or significant. Past experiences of folks who have already tried the product act as an important catalyst of what we buy (or don’t buy) and why. And what’s better than word-of-mouth about  building buzz around products in this internet day and age?

So why not let the world know what Sun customers have to say about our products — good or bad — right from the product page itself? Yes, we have started delivering on Jonathan’s promise and now have the exciting feature where any user can write a review and rate the product, true Amazon-style!

If you have got a chance to take a look at StarOffice 8 (you can have a free 90-day trial), here is your opportunity to let everybody know what you liked (and didn’t like). Same for T1000 or T2000. And X4100 and X4200. We are listening, so are our potential customers out there.

As you see, we are very serious about building community around our offerings. You can now meet (virtually, of course) with the product champions, what they are thinking and working on. So check out their blogs, again directly from the product pages. Your perspectives, our perspectives — participation from everybody in the community are going to make us better and successful.