Positive StarOffice 8 Review in EContent Magazine

Bob Boeri’s review of StarOffice 8 in EContent magazine posted recently. He also posted additional thoughts on StarOffice 8 in his blog column which echo his sentiments in the review.

Overall this is a very positive review with Bob detailing why organizations should switch to StarOffice 8.  Bob highlights StarOffice’s low cost and superior use of XML as main reasons why users should consider it over Microsoft Office.

He speaks at length about the flexibility of choice with StarOffice 8 in terms of operating systems it supports and then details its main features. He spends the most time detailing Writer, Calc, and Impress given these are the ones users will use the most. He concludes his review with a list of criteria organizations should consider when making the switch to StarOffice. He calls out the fact that although OpenOffice is free, he feels StarOffice has a lot more to offer for the additional cost.

PS: To check out the review, just enter your name, email and create a password — you don’t need to be a paid subscriber to get it.


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