InfoWorld review praises Sun Ray


Paul Venezia at InfoWorld today posted a positive review of Sun Ray 2 and Sun Ray 2FS, giving the products a score of 7.9 out of 10, or a “Good” rating.

According to Paul, this version of Sun Ray is “much more stable and much, much thinner” than previous versions. He then goes on to detail the difference between Sun Ray 2 and Sun Ray 2FS (size and support,) noting the fact that both are outfitted with SmartCard readers to support two-factor authentication.

Paul mentions that Hot Desking is one of Sun Ray’s key features, and it “works very well.” He also highlights the product’s simple firmware, as well as the Sun Ray software‘s ability to deploy Sun Ray servers in a fail-over scenario with both servers present on the dedicated network.

For part of the evaluation, Paul installed the Sun Ray software for Linux on a virtual server, finding the installation process to be “quick and relatively painless, as was running the brief network configuration script.

We got a little bit ding on Sun Ray management tools, plus Paul called out a problem he experienced with audio support. However, he noted that we are preparing a patch to address the audio issue and sent him a pre-release, which largely fixed the problem. Paul also mentioned his take at the beta release of the next Sun Ray software version, and “aside from a few bugs, it builds and runs on RHEL4, which is a very welcome step.

Paul concluded the review by saying, “if delivering a secure, manageable Solaris or Windows desktop is the goal, the new Sun Ray solution is worth a look. The bells and whistles are not just fluff when you need to deploy dual-monitor support or have a highly secure fiber network.


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