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Another great Solaris 10 6/06 review

September 26, 2006
This time it is from Charlie Schluting of ServerWatch. Charlie’s Solaris 10 6/06 review posted earlier today.

The review provides overview of all the new features in Solaris 10 including ZFS, Fault Management, PostGreSQL support and Process Rights Management.

As part of the ZFS evaluation, Charlie highlights the major differences of ZFS compared to current file systems, such as the use of pools.  He also ran a comparison evaluation with Veritas and found that “by and large that Solaris 10 outperformed VxVM and the Veritas File System, both in terms of real performance and usability.”

The review also praises fault management for non-Solaris hardware and the addition of PostGresSQL.  Further, the review highlights security enhancements to Solaris 10 with the addition of process rights management.  According to Charlie, the addition of this feature allows “Solaris to carefully obtain a higher level of security than most other Unix variants available today.”

Charlie wraps the piece with “there’s no denying Sun has moved beyond the Big Iron market, in no small part due to Solaris 10.”

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OS News publishes very positive Solaris 10 6/06 review

September 25, 2006

Last week OS News published a very positive review of Solaris 10 6/06 conducted by Robert Escue.  The review provides a technical evaluation of key new features in Solaris 10 Update 2 including ZFS, SATA Framework and Xorg 6.9.  Robert very positively highlights all of these features.

With regard to ZFS, the review calls out snapshots within ZFS as one of the greatest new features mentioning that “ZFS snapshots are easier to perform from either the command line or the ZFS GUI and do not require ufsdump and ufsrestore.” In particular, Robert highlights the combination of snapshots, ZFS and Zones as “taking Solaris 10 to a whole new level of functionality.

Robert states “Zones + ZFS + ZFS snapshots = Heaven” and wraps up the review by stating, “Sun has put forth a great deal of effort into developing Solaris 10 6/06 and bringing new and powerful features to users and system administrators.

Solaris 10 Update 6/06

Awards, Awards, and MORE Awards!!!

September 20, 2006
By now, you all have seen our server market share gains as reported by IDC and Gartner. In Q2CY06, we were the ONLY top vendor to grow market share Y/Y while IBM, HP and Dell declined. We overtook Dell for the #3 position.

Good news continue to roll as we picked up several prestigeous awards last week. The marketplace is certainly validating our razor-sharp focus on innovation.

First, Sun’s DTrace trouble-shooting software was chosen as the Gold winner in The Wall Street Journal’s 2006 Technology Innovation Awards contest; Niagara was also selected as a runner up in the Energy & Power category. This is the second time in three years that a Sun entry has won the top award!!! Got Jonathan’s attention too…

Sun Java Web Start technology and NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 5.0 are recipients of the Java Developer’s Journal “2006 Editor’s Choice” Awards. JDJ also recognized SwingLabs, a Sun-sponsored umbrella project for various open source initiatives that is part of the community.

Sun StorageTek Business Analytics took home the “Best Storage Management Software” award at the first annual Big Byte Awards hosted by Byte and Switch. The Big Byte Awards were created to recognize excellence, innovation, and creativity in storage products, services, and implementations.

We picked up a GridToday Reader’s Choice Award last week at the GridWorld conference in DC for “Best price / performance Grid SOLUTION OR BUILDING BLOCK available today.”

Sun’s one-touch supply chain was recognized recently with two separate awards. InformationWeek ranked Sun #6 on the InformationWeek 500 list and also named Sun the winner in their “Supply Chain Innovation” category. The second award came from Procuri, which recognized Sun for “Excellence in Strategic Sourcing” as part of their first annual supply management excellence awards.

A fabulous week for Sun, if you ask me.

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ComputerWorld podcast on Sun Fire T1000 server

September 11, 2006
Following last week’s positive Part I review of the Sun Fire T1000 server, ComputerWorld posted a podcast detailing the T1000 and its key benefits. The podcast features Joyce Carpenter, online projects editor at ComputerWorld, interviewing reviewer MC Brown on his experience in testing the T1000.

The podcast interview kicks off with MC giving an overview of the T1000, specifically noting that its key feature is its ability to run many small, simultaneous processes at once, which is “ideal for Web sites, telecommunications and other similar tasks.” 

When asked if he’s found any faults with the T1000, MC responds “not particularly,” except for the fact that it’s different than what most people are used to – a “CPU powerhouse.” He adds that, while the T1000 may not shine as a “powerhouse,” it definitely shines as a machine that can effectively handle a number of small tasks, all at once.

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YouTube videos of Sun Fire X4200 server installation

September 8, 2006
Checkout the YouTube videos linked below — this is a 5-part series detailing installation procedures of Sun Fire X4200 servers.  Each segment in the 5 part series includes detailed instructions of installing and setting up various components such as hard drives, DVD drives and PCI cards.

Step 1: Anti-Static Setup

Step 2: Hard Drive Install

Step 3: PCI Card Install

Step 4: DVD Install

Step 5: Network Connection

Great videos to showcase the ease of use for our x64 line of servers. Thanks rjrouse.

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Computerworld posts positive Sun Fire T1000 server review (Part I)

September 5, 2006
Martin MC Brown has recently posted the first part of his Sun Fire T1000 server review. The second part of the review with benchmarking results will be posted later this week.

In this review, MC goes on to discuss the fact that the T1000 is seen more as a compute box and that 1GHz seems like a low rate, but “you only have to consider the modern web environment (lots of a small, often targeted, queries) to get information to see the raw power is not so vital. I’ve talked before about this, but my continued testing only goes to prove it.

He notes he is still compiling test results of the T1000 compared to the X2100, but it’s “clear that the T1000 wins out once you start to ramp up the simultaneous requests” – so far, he’s been able to achieve 256 smaller simultaneous requests on the T1000 with only a small dip in per-request performance.

MC concludes by saying he believes many companies will “prefer the lower running costs of the T1000 which can be much as a quarter of a traditional box, usually with faster performance.

Overall, this is a very positive review.

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