Computerworld posts positive Sun Fire T1000 server review (Part I)

Martin MC Brown has recently posted the first part of his Sun Fire T1000 server review. The second part of the review with benchmarking results will be posted later this week.

In this review, MC goes on to discuss the fact that the T1000 is seen more as a compute box and that 1GHz seems like a low rate, but “you only have to consider the modern web environment (lots of a small, often targeted, queries) to get information to see the raw power is not so vital. I’ve talked before about this, but my continued testing only goes to prove it.

He notes he is still compiling test results of the T1000 compared to the X2100, but it’s “clear that the T1000 wins out once you start to ramp up the simultaneous requests” – so far, he’s been able to achieve 256 smaller simultaneous requests on the T1000 with only a small dip in per-request performance.

MC concludes by saying he believes many companies will “prefer the lower running costs of the T1000 which can be much as a quarter of a traditional box, usually with faster performance.

Overall, this is a very positive review.

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