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Peter Coffee on NetBeans: “Never Bean Better”

October 30, 2006

We had a WebEx session with Peter Coffee of eWEEK last Friday on NetBeans 5.5, which is released today. Peter focused his column today on his impressions of the new release.  It is extremely positive… 

Titled “Never Bean Better“, Peter writes how much he looks forward to taking NetBeans 5.5 out for a “nice, twisty drive.”  Peter immediately praises NetBeans for smartly forming a tighter bond with the community by including blogs and community news on the Welcome Screen.  He then describes NetBeans’ strengths in rapid development and productivity by describing its “seriously streamlined persistence frameworks” and “well-designed dialog boxes.”

NetBeans IDE
Peter also strongly endorses the Enterprise Pack, commenting on the strategy to deliver everything through NetBeans going forward by saying, “NetBeans Plus Enterprise Pack is thus the new center of the universe for developers who want to take full advantage of Java EE 5 right now.”  He further elaborates on the capabilities around visual development, BPEL and Web services development, calling them “really sweet.”  Finally, he writes that integration of testing facilities into NetBeans 5.5 is “quite nicely done.”

This column precedes the full review we expect Peter to complete in the coming weeks.

Many thanks to Brian Leonard and Todd Fast for their great job in giving Peter the demo and overview of NetBeans 5.5 on Friday.  Thanks also go to Vidhya, Chris and Ted for their support during the briefing.

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InfoWorld screencast of Creator for AJAX development capabilities

October 26, 2006
InfoWorld has posted a two-part screencast showcasing the AJAX development capabilities of Java Studio Creator 2. Check out both Part 1 and Part 2 of the demo.

Many thanks to David Botterill for his time and effort in creating a great demo…

MIT graduate student finds Sun Grid very useful

October 24, 2006
MIT graduate student Emil Sit has posted a positive Sun Grid review in his blog. He praises the grid, and the review goes on to explain how Sun Grid  is accessed through a web interface and how simple it is to package applications and data into the system saying, “After the job completes, the Grid handles collecting any new files created, and packages them into a new ZIP file for you to download.

Emil references an InfoWorld screencast of the Grid as well for those who want to see it in action…

Overall, Emil’s experience with Sun Grid has been enjoyable and he says, “If you are a grad student and find yourself needing CPU power for simulations, buying an x64 box from Sun and getting a SunGrid account for the heavy lifting is probably way cheaper than buying a cluster and powering it, not to mention having to maintaing all those machines.

Two great Solaris reviews in eWEEK today

October 23, 2006

This week’s issue of eWEEK features two great reviews by Jason Brooks promoting Solaris 10 for the enterprise. The first is a very positive review of Solaris 10  6/06 with emphasis on ZFS and support for PostGRES SQL. The second highlights advancements of OpenSolaris with emphasis on the Belenix, Schillix and NexantaOS distributions.

The first article is a very positive evaluation of Solaris 10 6/06 and showcases the new features in this release.  Key highlights include:

  • Solaris 10 6/06 is well worth considering—and certainly worth evaluating—at sites running Linux- and Unix-friendly applications, which the latest release should manage to serve with aplomb.
  • ZFS was worth the wait…One of the most impressive things about ZFS is how easy it is to use.
  • One of Solaris 10’s biggest competitive advantages [for Virtualization] is its built-in operating system virtualization feature, known as Containers.
The second article demonstrates the flexibility for OpenSolaris and provides an overview and status of three distributions — NexentaOS Alpha 5, Belenix 0.5 and Schillix 0.5.2. Jason provides an objective look at what is included in each of the three distributions and their current state of development.  

Overall, both pieces provide a strong case for adopting Solaris 10.

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“Get in the Zone with Solaris Virtualization”

October 13, 2006
Charlie Schluting has posted a positive review discussing how Zones in Solaris 10 help enterprises with virtualization in Enterprise Networking Planet. He gives a thorough description of the concept of zones and how it works  with Solaris and a ZFS file system.

In order to explore virtualization via Solaris Zones, the article demonstrates how to create a simple zone  with minimum configuration. Charlie provides tips for troubleshooting with zones including issues with backups, resource limiting and OS updates. Multiple options for handling these issues are  discussed, including the differences when zones are installed on ZFS.  

Charlie concludes the review by saying that zones are flexible and easy to use, and that they are the “perfect way to consolidate servers, because zones create very, very little overhead, yet still maintain a high degree of isolation from the host operating system.

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“Preview” of ZFS review in eWEEK

October 10, 2006
Jason Brooks at eWEEK posted a positive preview article on his testing of ZFS. The article focused on his initial thoughts on the product — the full review is slated to appear in the October 23 issue of eWEEK.

Jason began his article by saying the ZFS’ “knack for turning raw disks into bendable, shapeable, all-purpose volumes came in handy” during testing. For example, using ZFS, he was able to rearrange a storage layout for an /opt directory “with minimal hassle.” In addition, Jason highlighted the fact that he could carry out most ZFS operations through the Solaris 10 ZFS Web management interface.

Jason concluded by saying his final, complete review will look at a few OpenSolaris-based distributions (Nexenta’s NexentaOS), as well as upcoming feature additions to Solaris (Xen virtualization and Linux application support through Sun’s BrandZ initiative.)

Overall, great product coverage for Sun and some nice insight into the upcoming review of Solaris 10 ZFS

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SD Times: “That’s One Gallopin’ Mustang, Sun!”

October 6, 2006
Andrew Binstock has published a very positive review of Java SE 6 in the latest issue of SD Times. In the review, Andrew states how much he has liked what we have been doing with the latest releases of Java, and based upon the “bunch of new stuff” in Java SE 6, he is tempted to switch from Java SE 5 even before its final release.

For example, he writes, “An improvement that will be of interest to many readers is the incorporation of a bunch of XML and Web services technology from Java EE, combined with some annotation magic.

He also says that the addition of the invoked dynamic bytecode will “gladden the hearts of scripting enthusiasts budding within us all.” Andrew goes into detail on the hot-load capability, describing it as “cool stuff and has some practical uses.

Andrew wraps up his review by stating, “Java 6 is clearly continuing Java SE 5’s march toward making Java friendlier and more usable.

A nice endorsement as we move towards the launch of Java SE 6…

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DTrace tutorial and interview in ServerWatch

October 5, 2006
As I mentioned before, DTrace has created a lot of buzz in the industry. A ServerWatch tutorial details why this key feature of Solaris 10 is so important. Plus, an interview with DTrace Guru Jarod Jenson…

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