“Preview” of ZFS review in eWEEK

Jason Brooks at eWEEK posted a positive preview article on his testing of ZFS. The article focused on his initial thoughts on the product — the full review is slated to appear in the October 23 issue of eWEEK.

Jason began his article by saying the ZFS’ “knack for turning raw disks into bendable, shapeable, all-purpose volumes came in handy” during testing. For example, using ZFS, he was able to rearrange a storage layout for an /opt directory “with minimal hassle.” In addition, Jason highlighted the fact that he could carry out most ZFS operations through the Solaris 10 ZFS Web management interface.

Jason concluded by saying his final, complete review will look at a few OpenSolaris-based distributions (Nexenta’s NexentaOS), as well as upcoming feature additions to Solaris (Xen virtualization and Linux application support through Sun’s BrandZ initiative.)

Overall, great product coverage for Sun and some nice insight into the upcoming review of Solaris 10 ZFS

Tags: ZFS, Solaris 10, Sun.


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