MIT graduate student finds Sun Grid very useful

MIT graduate student Emil Sit has posted a positive Sun Grid review in his blog. He praises the grid, and the review goes on to explain how Sun Grid  is accessed through a web interface and how simple it is to package applications and data into the system saying, “After the job completes, the Grid handles collecting any new files created, and packages them into a new ZIP file for you to download.

Emil references an InfoWorld screencast of the Grid as well for those who want to see it in action…

Overall, Emil’s experience with Sun Grid has been enjoyable and he says, “If you are a grad student and find yourself needing CPU power for simulations, buying an x64 box from Sun and getting a SunGrid account for the heavy lifting is probably way cheaper than buying a cluster and powering it, not to mention having to maintaing all those machines.


One Response to “MIT graduate student finds Sun Grid very useful”

  1. John Powers Says:

    You might also read Emil’s next post, from October 25, 2006, in which he describes some of the shortcomings of SunGrid, including a recent four-day outage.
    I added some of my own observations about the lack of a “utility culture” at Sun, and in the IT industry at large (which is probably a good thing on the whole, but not a good thing for SunGrid).
    You might also want to check out an objective review in a tech publication regarding their own experiences getting SunGrid working on their applications.

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