Peter Coffee on NetBeans: “Never Bean Better”

We had a WebEx session with Peter Coffee of eWEEK last Friday on NetBeans 5.5, which is released today. Peter focused his column today on his impressions of the new release.  It is extremely positive… 

Titled “Never Bean Better“, Peter writes how much he looks forward to taking NetBeans 5.5 out for a “nice, twisty drive.”  Peter immediately praises NetBeans for smartly forming a tighter bond with the community by including blogs and community news on the Welcome Screen.  He then describes NetBeans’ strengths in rapid development and productivity by describing its “seriously streamlined persistence frameworks” and “well-designed dialog boxes.”

NetBeans IDE
Peter also strongly endorses the Enterprise Pack, commenting on the strategy to deliver everything through NetBeans going forward by saying, “NetBeans Plus Enterprise Pack is thus the new center of the universe for developers who want to take full advantage of Java EE 5 right now.”  He further elaborates on the capabilities around visual development, BPEL and Web services development, calling them “really sweet.”  Finally, he writes that integration of testing facilities into NetBeans 5.5 is “quite nicely done.”

This column precedes the full review we expect Peter to complete in the coming weeks.

Many thanks to Brian Leonard and Todd Fast for their great job in giving Peter the demo and overview of NetBeans 5.5 on Friday.  Thanks also go to Vidhya, Chris and Ted for their support during the briefing.

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2 Responses to “Peter Coffee on NetBeans: “Never Bean Better””

  1. Steve Wanker Says:

    You should try asking Simon Tea next time instead of Peter Coffee.

  2. Peter Coffee Says:

    We’ve added some annotated screens from that WebEx walkthrough to the column, viewable in slide show format at,1206,pg=0&s=26705&a=192832,00.asp

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