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InfoWorld praises NetBeans 5.5

November 22, 2006
Andrew Binstock at InfoWorld has recently posted a very positive product preview of NetBeans 5.5.

Andrew begins his review by saying NetBeans 5.5  has “some significant and unique enterprise capabilities beyond those of the 5.0 release” and that it is the first Java IDE to fully support Java EE 5.

He highlights the product’s built-in API support, code completion and tutorials for the new enterprise Java, as well as its support for the new Enterprise Java Beans 3.0 (EJB) session beans.

Andrew calls out NetBeans 5.5’s support for Web services by saying its “what Java enterprise developers have long been waiting for — a simpler development model with native tools to support it.

He goes on to detail the set of add-on packs that were released with NetBeans 5.5, including the Enterprise pack and C/C++ pack (“I found it a substantial, portable platform for developing, debugging, and building C and C++ applications.“)

He concludes by saying, “NetBeans has the most complete support for Java EE 5 of the open-source Java IDEs. It’s an impressive collection of tools; developers contemplating enterprise Java applications should evaluate NetBeans before any other products.”

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Thumper review: “Sun Fire Server Packs Storage Punch”

November 7, 2006
Last night eWEEK posted a very positive product review of the Sun Fire X4500 server.  In an onsite evaluation, Victor Loh looked at the architecture and components of the X4500 and how these contribute to its performance — which he states as “[packing] an impressive processing and storage punch.

Victor praises the simplified approach to the X4500, a feature which he states contributes significantly to lowering the cost of storage per gigabit.  Along that same line, he also showcases the ease of swapping out SATA drives, as well as easy accessibility for swapping out power supplies and fan modules.

Additionally, the review positively highlights the use of Solaris 10 6/06 features such as ZFS, fault manager, transactional copy-on-write and 64-bit checksums.

Victor sums up the evaluation stating: “In tests, we were impressed by the X4500’s robust data protection capabilities, thanks to its redundant failover components and ZFS technology.

Overall this is a very positive piece that demonstrates the breadth of the product’s capabilities and positions Sun very well in the server and storage markets.

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