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Sun claims 2 top spots in InfoWorld’s 2006 server reviews

December 8, 2006
InfoWorld has published its choice of top 5 rack mount servers for 2006 (based on the InfoWorld Test Center reviews conducted during  this calendar year).

Top spot goes to Sun Fire X4600 M2 server (InfoWorld Test Center score of 8.9) and the runner-up award goes to Sun Fire X4200 server (InfoWorld Test Center score of 8.7).

Dell, IBM and HP servers finished behind Sun servers.

Congratulations to the entire Systems group!


“Fatty and Skinny Went to War” and …

December 7, 2006
Sun Ray won…

In a thin client comparative review conducted by Technology and Business, the Sun Ray 2 and 2FS won the “Editor’s Choice” award beating out HP, Igel and Wyse.  The reviewers note that the lack of local software gives the Sun Ray 2 a high degree of flexibility for mobile users. They also detail that the  SunRay 2 only costs $374, making it the most cost-effective device among the products reviewed.

The reviewers spend quite a bit of time detailing the performance of the Sun Ray 2, stating “the performance is remarkably high” and suggesting that the system would be an excellent terminal for library catalogues or POS applications. They also note that power usage is extremely low (only 12W), making it the most energy efficient machine.

The reviewers also looked at the Sun Ray 2FS for this review and note that although the 2FS looks like the Sun Ray 2 at first glance, it is actually twice the machine as its double-depth case contains an extra USB port at the rear and extra circuitry allowing for a second monitor to be supported, thus allowing for more applications to viewed simultaneously. They also note that the 2FS is priced extremely low at $750 and the performance results for this machine were virtually identical to those seen by the smaller model.

Overall, the reviewers were extremely impressed with the Sun Ray thin client offerings…

Sun Ray

Network Computing on next geration Blade servers

December 6, 2006
This morning Network Computing published its analysis of next generation Blade servers. The analysis includes a comparative hands-on review of blade servers from Sun, HP and Rackable Systems. Steve Hill, the reviewer, gave us a score of 3.9 out of 5 and a grade of B.

Even though our “score” is not the best, overall the review is quite positive on Sun. Steve was very impressed with the new design of the Sun Blade 8000 Modular System and X8400 blades and made several strong comments praising the new design.

  • The new Sun Blade 8000 Modular System, which bears little resemblance to its 3U predecessor, incorporates one of the most interesting technology decisions we’ve seen to date.
  • Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Sun Blade 8000 Modular System stems from Sun’s decision to use a passive midplane concept that passes the PCI Express system bus through the system, rather than using blade-based GbE, FC or InfiniBand I/O fabrics. This design offers 40 serial links per server–or a total of 400 serial links–and provides a massive 9.7 Tbps of overall SerDes chassis bandwidth that can be designated to any combination of fabrics and I/O modules that can be mounted at the backplane.
  • The beefy Sun Blade 8000 Modular System earned a perfect score for I/O bandwidth and could be a solid alternative to conventional servers for core-level applications, such as large Oracle or SAP environments, as well as high-performance I/O and compute-intensive apps. Its combination of four-way blades and massive bandwidth at both blade and midplane level sets a new standard for x86 blade performance and throughput.

Sun is positioned very well as a player in this blade market — particularly for those organizations looking at alternatives to very large application environments.

It would have been great to win the shootout though…

Very positive X4600 (Galaxy 4) review in InfoWorld

December 5, 2006
Checkout Paul‘s lastest Sun Fire X4600 M2 review in InfoWorld !!!

Amply titled “Sun’s new big iron bends the rules,” the review showers praise in nearly all aspects of Sun Fire X4600 M2 server.  Paul goes over various features and concludes, “All these features lead me to the conclusion that this is one of the best-designed server chassis I’ve ever seen.

And it ran VMware  like a champ: “I’ve been running VMware Infrastructure 3 on it for a week in the lab not only problem-free, but the server barely breaks a sweat while running eight two-processor Windows and Linux VMs under normal load.

Paul ends the review with a very positive conclusion: “Overall, the Sun Fire x4600 is a superb server with an obvious focus on virtualization, HPC, and database applications. If the local RAID controller supported RAID5, and the local disk I/O had more headroom, this server would be nearly perfect.

The final bottomline was “… the x4600 is an extraordinarily well-engineered server.

Smart Computing declares StarOffice 8 WINNER over Office 2007 in latest office roundup

December 1, 2006
Jeff Dodd’s office productivity suite comparative review posted today, and StarOffice 8 is the WINNER !!! (And yes, Microsoft Office 2007 was in the mix.)

You might need to register with the site to read the review, and the registration is free.

StarOffice 8 received Smart Computing’s “Smart Distinction” award beating out Microsoft Office 2007, Corel WordPerfect Office X3 and Ability Office.

Jeff notes that each of the five components of StarOffice 8, “stand out as a competitive program in its own right, loaded with features and intuitive interfaces.” 

He also states that, “Users can purchase Sun’s productivity suite for less than half the price of the cheapest edition of Microsoft Office. And users can run the product on as many as five individual computers at the same time. Better yet, customers can place up to three free phone calls to technical support in the first 60 days of usage. No other productivity suite featured in this roundup can say as much.

He concludes his review with the following endorsement of StarOffice 8, “…most users will continue to invest in Microsoft (and, to a lesser extent, Corel) software simply out of habit. We encourage users to consider alternatives such as Sun’s StarOffice 8, which earns our Smart Choice designation once again. Why spend $150 or $300 when you can get top-of-the-line capabilities for less than $75?”  

StarOffice 8 is the RIGHT choice, OF COURSE !!!

Try it out for free…