Positive NetBeans review in JavaBoutique.com

Today Benoy Jose posted his review of NetBeans 5.5 in JavaBoutique.com. The piece is positive overall – it’s clear that NetBeans 5.5 made a positive impression on Benoy, who had been skeptical of past NetBeans versions.

He begins his review by saying “NetBeans 5.5 is a surprise. I used it for the first time a couple of years ago and swore never to use it again. However…NetBeans 5.5 is not the NetBeans I threw away a few years ago…overall NetBeans is a production-ready IDE definitely worth a try.

He adds that the IDE has made a lot of progress and he expects it to make a substantial impact in a market previously dominated by Eclipse. Benoy goes on to highlight notable product features and his first impressions of the product – specifically calling out the integrated debugger and Ant build file. He rounds out the review by giving detailed overviews, praising each NetBeans component, including Code Editor, Enterprise Pack and Profiler, among others.

Benoy does dedicate a section of his review to areas of improvement, dinging NetBeans 5.5 on its high memory usage. He notes that in future versions he’d like to see a more intuitive interface and higher number of available plug-ins.

NetBeans IDE Snapshot

Overall, Benoy feels that Sun is maintaining its high standards for product quality with NetBeans 5.5. He concludes his review by saying, this “IDE has a lot of features that are not present in other editors and will help make developers more productive… If NetBeans can make improvements at this rate, it will soon have a user base that rivals Eclipse. Eclipse and NetBeans are all set to conquer the IDE market in the next few years. This competition is good for developers as we can expect better features from both the products as the competition heats up.


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