My favorite ones from last week…

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. Spring Clean And Upgrade – The Trouble With Tribbles, 3/8
Peter recently upgraded his Sun workstation from OpenSolaris build 55 to build 59 and another system from Solaris 10 to the latest Solaris Express release.

2. Logical Domains 1.0 Early Access Now Available! – Rodrick’s Web Log, 3/8
Rodrick describes Sun’s new server virtualization and partitioning technology, Logical Domains (LDoms) software, and mentions that it, “complements Solaris Containers by providing application level separation and brings partitioning capability to entry level servers.”

3. Re-labelling Sun Ray To Sell – ZDNet, 3/8
Paul discusses marketing around the Sun Ray and suggests that if it was bundled as an “enterprise something,” it might be more successful.

4. Solaris Express Community Edition Build 59 Is Out! – Sparks and White Noise, 3/5
Octave announces the release of Build 59 for OpenSolaris and plans to test the resource enhancements for zones.

5. Niagra – Apocalypse For Intel? – Opensourcia Blog, 3/4
“Opensourcia” praises Sun products including several servers, Solaris 10 and Solaris Containers. The blogger notes that “Sun has uniquely positioned itself to be everything to everyone (best price/performance, best performance, only completely open source stack, superb proprietary software support, and solutions from thin client, to desktop, to workstations, to server, to mainframe.)

6. Viewing Busy Code Paths With DTrace – Blog O’ Matty, 3/3
Matty discusses how to use DTrace to view the busiest application and system code paths on a system.

7. WebSphere MQ With Solaris Zones – A Hursley View On WebSphere MQ, 3/2
Folks at IBM highlight best practices of using WebSphere MQ in Solaris Zones environments.

8. T2000 Apache/PHP/MySQL – A Look Into Solaris, 3/2
Derek mentions that he has compiled Apache 2.2.3, PHP 5.2.1, MySQL 5.0.27 and APC 3.0.13 with many of the same options CoolStack uses with Sun Studio 11.


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