NetBeans 5.5 Praised in Comparative Review

In a comparative review of NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse, NetBeans 5.5 fairs very well, excelling in overall stability and performance, Swing development and JPA support. Reviewer Jacek Furmankiewicz evaluated each product’s basic, common features, as well as its strength in four common areas of development: Swing, JSP/Struts, JavaServer Faces (JSF), and J2EE/EJB 3.0.

Kicking off the review with NetBeans 5.5, Jacek notes that the product is easy to install, has a “very logical and easy to use” menu layout, and excellent overall stability and performance. With regards to Swing development, Jacek praises NetBeans’ Matisse GUI designer by saying its resizing and anchoring functionality make it “the best GUI designer I have seen for any language on any platform.” He goes on to detail NetBeans’ “good” JSP editor and JSF support, while highlighting its “top-notch” J2EE 1.4 and Java EE 5 support.

Overall, Jacek “really liked” NetBeans 5.5 and felt “it has delivered some amazing features in its latest release (and much more to come in NetBeans 6.0).” He did call out a few drawbacks as it relates to Visual Web Pack, however follows up by saying, “if the NetBeans team addresses these deficiencies in the next release, I can’t imagine any tool being as productive as the Visual Web Pack for JSF development.

To conclude, Jacek named a winner for each of the four testing areas mentioned above. NetBeans 5.5 won both the Swing Development and Enterprise Development categories (per Jacek, if he took NetBeans’ Visual Web Pack into consideration, the Sun product would win the JSF Development category, as well.)

Overall, a very positive review for NetBeans 5.5!


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