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Sun’s SAMP Stack Featured in ServerWatch

April 30, 2007
ServerWatch posted a very positive “Tip of the Trade” piece focusing on new capabilities offered in the SAMP (Solaris+AMP) development foundation.  The reviewer, Carla Schroder,  provides a brief snapshot of what a development foundation looks like, including the traditional LAMP and other variations. She then gives an overview of SAMP, highlighting the availability of traditionally Solaris features such as DTrace, ZFS, Containers and platform flexibility. Carla then ends her piece by stating that “Solaris 10 is a speedy powerhouse” and that is a great alternative to other development stacks.


My favorite ones from last week…

April 28, 2007
Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. Getting The Best Out Of MySQL On Solaris – MySQL DBA, 4/24
Frank Mash discusses a Sun session on InnoDB performance tips and monitoring performance on Solaris using DTrace examples.

2. Solaris And Readline – Chris Miles, 4/23
Chris provides instructions for building Python and SQLite with readline support on Solaris 10.

3. Solaris 10-AD Integration, Version 3 –, 4/25
Discussing how to get ADS support working in Samba on Solaris 10, Scott tests the use of Samba in the Solaris 10-AD integration instructions.

4. Make User Application ‘Dtrace’able Using LD_PRELOAD – My.Tech.Page, 4/20
Durga praises DTrace and examines how to make applications “draceable” by exporting LD_PRELOAD to a DTrace wrapper library.

5. Sun And Canonical To Distribute Java With Ubuntu Linux – ZDNet, 4/18
Ed refers to the latest release of Ubuntu v7.04, which includes a complete Sun Java stack with Java SE 6, GlassFish, JavaDB and NetBeans.

Three great reviews in April issue of Sys Admin magazine

April 26, 2007
In the April issue of Sys Admin magazine, we received three positive pieces of coverage including a detailed review of the Sun Grid Engine, a technical review of Solaris 10 and a how-to article that explains how to set up process accounting on Solaris 10.

In a positive detailed review of Sun Grid Engine, Rayson Ho of Sys Admin Magazine provides a brief history of the Sun Grid Engine and discusses how, with each release, the open source community contributes new features. Rayson describes the architecture of Grid engine clusters, system requirements and installation steps, and provides an overview basic Grid commands. He concludes by highlighting the growing number of useful features with each release of Grid Engine and says, “It is impossible to document all the useful features in Grid Engine in one article.”

In a very technical and positive in-depth review of Solaris 10 Resource Management, the Sun product is positioned as a “significant enhancement of the facilities in previous versions.” The reviewer, Scott Cromar, takes a step-by-step look at Solaris 10’s task and process-level management capabilities, omitting a focus on Zones to discuss the function in a different article.

In third and final review, Marco Marongiu describes how to set up process accounting on Solaris 10, based on Aileen Frisch’s Essential System Administration book, the Sun System Administration Guide as well as his own personal experience. Marco states process accounting as the capability of the operating system to track system activities by recording statistics. The article goes on to describe various commands and scripts to set up process accounting, and how the system administrators can leverage them.

My favorite ones from last week…

April 22, 2007
Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. More Linux/Solaris FUD Wars – Elektronkind, 4/13
Discussing another blogger’s post on OpenSolaris, Dale from University of Maryland defends Solaris saying, “Solaris has everything one needs in a data center environment.”

2. OpenSolaris, ForeSight Linux, Madriva 2007.1 – Frederik’s Blog, 4/12
Frederik recently received the OpenSolaris Starter Kit and plans to begin testing out the live distributions soon.

3. SPARC Enterprise Line Released – Sparks and White Noise, 4/17
Octave discusses the new SPARC Enterprise server line and highlights that the IOU’s (I/O Units) have cartridges for the PCI-E/PCI-X slots, which keeps users from having to open the box to install or replace cards.

4. ROCK, UltraSparc IV+, APL, And Other News – Sparks and White Noise, 4/11
Octave discusses several Sun announcements and is specifically excited that ROCK servers are not far from being tested.

5. SmugMug Dishes On SunFire x2200 M2 Server – Server Specs, 4/17’s data center blog refers to several hardware reviews and links to reviews of the Sun Fire X2200 M2 and T1000 servers.

More pictures from the painting project at Nashua Children’s Home

April 21, 2007
As part of Sun Worldwide Volunteer Week, a bunch of us participated in a painting project at Nashua Children’s Home. More details are here, but I can’t resist posting more pictures. 🙂

NCH Image 9 NCH Image 10
NCH Image 11 NCH Image 12
NCH Image 13 NCH Image 14

Baffled by Brain Drain in Your Java Apps?

April 20, 2007
As Software Test & Performance magazine puts it, “Plug the leaks in your apps before they turn into rivers of frozen bytecode. Sun’s Java Gurus show you how.” Check out this great article (starting at Page 22).

Smugmug loves X2200!!!

April 19, 2007
As you remember, the high profile Web 2.0 startup Smugmug started reviewing Sun products last year for their infrastructure. First they reviewed a T1000 server, which they didn’t find suitable for their target application. Eventually they moved to X2200, and after a set of server reviews from various vendors, they selected Sun as their infrastructure supplier. They have standardized on X2200 as their server platform, and Smugmug CEO Don MacAskill has posted a detailed blog reviewing the benefits they are seeing from X2200.

Praising the server, Don discusses in detail the “fantastic” features of lights-out management (LOM) including the built-in Web UI, built-in email notification, SNMP settings and additional hardware details that make LOM “a dream.” He mentions the organization and design of the server, saying it is “beautiful inside” and “the lid is printed with all kinds of useful diagrams that make servicing the hardware much much easier.” Additionally, he highlights the competitive pricing of the servers and says, “I truly believe that the baseline hardware (CPU, RAM, HDDs) has become a commodity and that the differentiating value is in the extra technology (like LOM), service, and support. Sun gets this, I think.

Overall, Don is extremely pleased with the servers and says, “Everyone at Sun deserves a shout out. They’ve built a great product, and they’ve certainly showed us a great deal of support and personal attention, which we appreciate. If the people we’ve dealt with are any indicator of upcoming success, Sun’s future looks bright.

My favorite ones from last week…

April 15, 2007
Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. Sun and QLogic to Open Up the Source of Storage Software – Elektronkind, 4/11
Dale highlights our announcement surrounding the release of storage products to the OpenSolaris community.

2. Logical Domains Links – Sparks and White Noise, 4/6
Octave continues his article series on Solaris LDOM software.

3. NetBeans 5.5.1 RC1 Out –, 4/10
Mathias briefly mentions that the newest version of NetBeans is out and that it includes “mostly bugfixes.”

4. NetBeans UML Modeling – Brian’s Blog, 4/7
Brian highlights the announcment of the UML plugin for NetBeans 5.5. He also mentions how helpful the plugin will be and links to the screenshots and animations on the NetBeans website.

5. Online Usability of Online Apps – Digital Nomads, 4/10
This blogger examines available web-based office applications and mentions that is “readily accessible, works across so many platforms and is becoming an international standard of sorts.”

6. Resurrecting A1000’s – Unix Admin Corner, 4/6
Jamesd owns a Sun A1000 and discusses how to clear the drive after installing a raid manager.

Fantastic Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 review in ServerWatch

April 13, 2007
This morning ServerWatch posted a very positive review of Sun Java Web Server 7.0. It provides an overall look at the new features included in Sun Java System Web Server 7.0, then does a performance comparison with the popular Apache Web Server.

Charlie Schluting, the reviewer, was quite impressed with the server and had a number of great things to say about the installation, security and performance. Key highlights include:

  • “The Sun Web Server is very performance-oriented.”
  • “Installing Sun Web Server or Sun Proxy Server is an amazingly simple process.”
  • “Sun created DoS attack awareness and Cross-Site Scripting detection. Both features are desperately needed in Web servers, and Sun has come to the rescue.”
  • “Don’t forget, Web Server is from Sun. It is highly multithreaded, extremely robust, and 64-bit capable on Solaris AMD64 and SPARC platforms.”
  • “Sun always excels at multithreaded performance. … In summary, Sun Web Server is generally two times as fast as Apache.”

This review is extremely positive all around. Charlie ends his evaluation with the following: “In summary, Sun Web Server is generally two times as fast as Apache. … The Sun Web Server is fast, flexible, scalable, and a downright joy to run. Other Web servers may still have some benefits, mainly because of administrator familiarity, but if performance and ease of management are paramount, Web Server is the way to go.

Kudos to the Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 team!

My favorite ones from last week…

April 7, 2007
Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. 10 Minute Guide to Getting Started With Zones – Unix Admin Corner, 3/29
Jamesd links to Sun documents on creating zones and provides administrative guidelines for setting up zones.

2. Sun’s Grid Online – Blade Watch, 3/29
Martin considers Sun’s “click and run” support for its service a positive move by Sun to remove initial start up costs and other developer challenges with Grid.

3. Being A Sun Studio Fan… – Cypro’s Telephony, 4/1
A long time user of Sun products, Cypro praises the quality of tools and service coming from the Sun Studio team.