Positive ZFS review in ServerWatch

ServerWatch posted a positive review on Solaris 10 ZFS and considerations for migration. Overall the article praises ZFS for its performance and flexibility.

Charlie Schulting, the reviewer, opens with, “Sun’s new file system, Zettabyte File System (ZFS) is changing the world. Well, the computing world, at least.” The review focus is on migrating to ZFS in environments where VxVM/FS dominates today, and the author mentions that ZFS outperforms Veritas VxVM/FS for most uses, and is far more flexible and easy to manage.

The only downside to ZFS, according to this review, is that it is only available for Solaris. However, the reviewer mentions that given its open source roots, ZFS will eventually move to other OSs.

The review concludes, “Minor annoyances aside, ZFS is great. In Solaris environments there is no reason not to use ZFS file systems.  In mixed environments, where you’d like the portability Veritas products provides, ZFS will likely be an option in a few years.


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