Smugmug loves X2200!!!

As you remember, the high profile Web 2.0 startup Smugmug started reviewing Sun products last year for their infrastructure. First they reviewed a T1000 server, which they didn’t find suitable for their target application. Eventually they moved to X2200, and after a set of server reviews from various vendors, they selected Sun as their infrastructure supplier. They have standardized on X2200 as their server platform, and Smugmug CEO Don MacAskill has posted a detailed blog reviewing the benefits they are seeing from X2200.

Praising the server, Don discusses in detail the “fantastic” features of lights-out management (LOM) including the built-in Web UI, built-in email notification, SNMP settings and additional hardware details that make LOM “a dream.” He mentions the organization and design of the server, saying it is “beautiful inside” and “the lid is printed with all kinds of useful diagrams that make servicing the hardware much much easier.” Additionally, he highlights the competitive pricing of the servers and says, “I truly believe that the baseline hardware (CPU, RAM, HDDs) has become a commodity and that the differentiating value is in the extra technology (like LOM), service, and support. Sun gets this, I think.

Overall, Don is extremely pleased with the servers and says, “Everyone at Sun deserves a shout out. They’ve built a great product, and they’ve certainly showed us a great deal of support and personal attention, which we appreciate. If the people we’ve dealt with are any indicator of upcoming success, Sun’s future looks bright.


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