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Very Positive Sun Workstation Review in InfoWorld

May 31, 2007
Paul Venezia from InfoWorld posted a very positive Sun Ultra 40 M2 workstation review that praises the power and performance of the system. The review is focused on performance of 3Ware’s 9650SE RAID controller combined with the Sun Ultra 40 M2 workstation.

Sun Ultra 40 M2 Workstation

According to Paul, “Between the stellar performance of the 9650SE and the calm and steady power of the Ultra 40 M2, all of [the] tasks were handled with aplomb. Suffice it to say, you’d be hard-pressed to equal or surpass the performance of this box with any computing hardware available today.

More praises…
– “Simply the most powerful workstation available from a mainstream vendor today.
– “This system is the creme de la creme of the workstation world.

Great job, Sun workstation team!


My favorite ones from last week…

May 27, 2007
Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. Implementing Shared Memory Resource Controls On Solaris Hosts – Blog O’Matty, 5/22
Matty discusses how the resource manager in Solaris 10 handles IPC tunables and describes the benefits of merging the management of the IPC facilities into the resource manager.

2. Apache In Solaris 10: 3 Simple Things I Would Change – Solaris Jedi, 5/18
    Who’s On First? Identifying Port Utilization In Solaris – Solaris Jedi, 5/21
Christopher Hubbell lists practices to avoid when writing scripts with Apache in Solaris 10, and goes on to describe how to work through transferring a TWiki site from an Apache server running on Solaris 9 to an Apache2 server running on Solaris 10.

3. Rails Conference JRuby Tutorial – Inchoate Curmudgeon, 5/17
Lou Springer recently attended a JRuby tutorial focusing on how Java and J2EE infrastructure and implementations can benefit Ruby applications and deployments and how NetBeans has emerging Ruby support.

4. JavaOne 2007 – Richard’s Technical Notes, 5/19
Richard Dalllaway recaps JavaOne, highlighting JavaFX Script details, Ruby and Groovy scripting languages.

“It’s Not Just the Younger Generations”

May 26, 2007
Interesting title for a memory leak article! 😉

Software Test & Performance magazine posted part 2 of a how-to article on plugging memory leaks in Java applications. This one focuses in on permanent-generation Java application memory leaks. The article defines a permanent-generation memory leak, explores the causes and provides practical tips and techniques for how to find and fix them.

The full article is available from Software Test & Performance via its downloadable issue. Check out Gregg’s blog posting on this article as well — it corrects couple of typos in the printed article.

Recent Sun Grid Compute Utility Coverage

May 24, 2007
We recently made couple of important announcements regarding the Sun Grid Compute Utility available from Here are a few selected coverage around the world:

Sun takes Grid international — VNUNet (also appeared in IT Week, iT News , and Computing UK), 5/3

Sun’s Grid Goes International — CXOToday (India), 5/3

Sun’s grid computing service goes global — IDG News Service (also appeared in InfoWorld, Computerworld, Computerworld Malaysia, ComputerworldUK, Computer Partner/Netherlands, InfoWorld Netherlands, UK, CIO India, ARNnet and Computerworld Australia), 5/3

Suppliers Gird Grids — Byte and Switch, 5/3

Sun’s Grid Utility Expands Beyond the United States — IT Jungle, 5/3

Sun extends grid computing service to Australia — Computerworld Australia (also appeared in InfoWorld Netherlands, Webwereld Netherlands), 5/3

Sun grid computing comes to Europe — IT Week (also appeared in VNUNet and Computing UK), 5/3

Solaris served on the Rocks; While Sun exports its network — The Register, 5/4

Sun’s grid computing service goes global – NetworkWorld Asia, 5/4

– Additional press release pick-ups: HPCwire, GRIDtoday, Linux Magazine, Web Services Journal, SMBedge Singapore and Media Newswire

Sun Recognized with SSPA STAR Award

May 21, 2007
The Service and Support Professionals Association (SSPA) has honored Sun with a 2007 STAR Award in the “Best On-Site Support” category. STAR Awards, in their 17th year, recognize best-of-breed solutions in a range of categories, and attract notable applicants from across the industry.

Sun’s winning application demonstrated the success of the Sun Services-APAC organization in providing customers with an exemplary onsite support experience underscored by innovative best practices, a refined set of both proactive and reactive measures, and a keen focus on manifesting Sun’s “Eleven Words.”

Sun Services-Americas was a runnerup in STAR Awards “Best Value-Added Support” category. The Americas was praised for its implementation of the Remote Proactive Engineer (RPE) concept, a new feature providing a dedicated Technical Support Engineer to select accounts enrolled in Sun’s Elite Customer Program.

My favorite ones from last week…

May 20, 2007
Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. Sun Making Solaris More Linux-Like – Server Specs, 5/10’s data center blog mentions the Sun project, Indiana, that will work to combine Linux elements with Solaris technology.

2. Why Is Solaris 10 Important – Unix Admin Corner, 5/10
Jamesd links to Ben Rockwood’s JavaOne slide that provides a sample of Solaris 10 features, and mentions this to be particularly helpful for Linux users thinking about moving to Solaris.

3. Installing A Solaris JumpStart Server – Martello, 5/10
Having recently acquired several SunFire T1000 servers, James Mernin upgraded to Solaris 10/06 and provides steps towards installing and configuring a jumpstart server.

4. Solaris Fibre Channel Management – Blog O’Matty, 5/9
    Adding Status Support To The Solaris DD Utility – Blog O’Matty, 5/14
Matty discusses how storage management has changed with the introduction of Solaris 10, and in another post describes code that he put together to allow the ability to send the dd utility a signal to get the status of a copy operation.

5. LDOM’s 1.0 Tested – Sparks and White Noise, 5/11
Octave confirms that previously posted steps on configuring Logical Domains work with the 1.0 release, and he plans to post in the future on virtual devices and services.

6. Thoughts On Java And Open Source From JavaOne 2007 – 451 CAOS Theory, 5/15
Vishwanath discusses the completion of the OpenJDK project and JavaOne sessions on integrating programming languages like JRuby and Groovy on the Java platform, and says “an open source Java is a momentous event.”

7. Sun Honeymoon Update: Storage – SmugBlog, 5/16
A fan of Sun’s X2200 M2 servers, Don MacAskill discusses the shortcomings of the Sun StorEdge 3320 SCSI arrays, but mentions that the StorEdge 2540 array has good performance.

ZFS and Sun Ray 2 are finalists for eWEEK Excellence Awards

May 16, 2007
eWeek names Sun’s Solaris ZFS and Sun Ray 2 finalists in its annual Excellence Awards program.  Solaris ZFS is a finalist in the e-Business Foundations category while the Sun Ray 2 is currently a finalist in the Mobile & Desktop Hardware category.  The winners are set to be announced June 11.

Positive StarOffice 8 Review in “Software for Small Business” Book

May 15, 2007
This month, StarOffice 8 was included in the 7th Edition of the “Software for Small Business” book. Author Iain Williamson reviewed StarOffice 8, among other products, to compile this comprehensive guide to programs that will help readers improve efficiency and productivity in their IT environments. Iain took a look at StarOffice Writer, StarOffice Draw, StarOffice Impress and StarOffice Calc Spreadsheet, weaving his reviews of each program throughout the book (under the appropriate chapters.)

First, with StarOffice Writer, Iain praised the program’s “greatly improved” compatibility with Microsoft Word, noting he didn’t have any difficulties opening Word files during his testing. He went on to discuss the program’s many features, concluding that Writer is “all in all, a very powerful introductory processing program that contains most of the features that would be required by the average user…and at a very reasonable price!

Next, Iain took a look at StarOffice Draw, which he claimed is a “very neat little vector-based drawing program.” He noted he was impressed with its ease of use and various functions. Moving on to StarOffice Impress, he highlighted the program’s wide variety of templates and the fact that it draws on other components of StarOffice to create effective presentations (“This is powerful stuff for an inexpensive little program!“) Finally, Iain found StarOffice Calc to be a “great” program and was especially intrigued by its ability to import graphic images from a theme library.

Overall, great coverage for StarOffice 8.

StarOffice 8 in Singapore Airlines

May 14, 2007
This is really cool!!!

Singapore Airlines has embedded StarOffice 8 in their seat back entertainment systems on many of their planes. We knew it for a while, but we need proof, right?

Well, here you go. 🙂

One of my colleagues was flying back to Singapore from JavaOne (yeah, that kept me busy too for last several weeks! we digress…). He happened to be flying on Singapore Airlines, and didn’t forget to snap couple of pictures to show StarOffice availability on the entertainment system. The one below shows StarOffice Impress in action — he worked on some of his slides during the long flight (travellers can plug in their own USB drives to edit/save files). He says the system worked really well.

Talk about mobile productivity. 😉 Other airlines should follow the leader here…

StarOffice 8 in Singapore Airlines

My favorite ones from last week…

May 12, 2007
Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. Why I Love OpenSolaris – Kaiwai’s Blog, 5/6
Kaiwai discusses the benefit of OpenSolaris shipping to customers with drivers and firmware versus the “licensing holy wars” currently experienced with Linux systems.

2. Review of Sun Solaris 10 – All About Linux, 4/30
Ravi begins his review of Solaris 10 by detailing the installation process. He goes on to thoroughly discusses the Solaris Management Console 2.11 and mentions “another aspect of Solaris that is really endearing is the excellent set of online documentation which has been made available by Sun.”

3. Taking IPMP Managed Interfaces Online And Offline – Blog O’Matty, 5/5
Matty discusses how to take Solaris IP multipathing offline while keeping the IP addresses attached and operational, calling the Solaris if_mpadm utility a “simple and straightforward” solution.