My favorite ones from last week…

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. Logical Domains 1.0 Production Release! – Sparks and White Noise, 4/27
    Project Blackbox – Sparks and White Noise, 4/27
    Excellent Flash Video Of LDOM’s – 4/27
Octave mentions the release of Logical Domains 1.0, providing links to download the new release, and also links to a flash video demonstrating how 31 logical domains boot independently. Additionally, Octave provides several photos of Sun’s Project Blackbox and mentions that “it has a lot of potential in today’s market where space, energy, cooling, etc are major concerns.”

2. First Thoughts Of Sun Cluster 3.2 – Blog O’Matty, 4/28
    Running Processes In Fixed Time Intervals – Blog O’Matty, 4/29        
In examining the most recent version of Sun Cluster, Matty says it is an “amazing product and has some amazingly cool features.” While working with Sun Cluster 3.2, Matty mentions hatimerun, a program that kills a program if it runs longer than the time allotted to it, and queries why such a program is used.

3. Expanding A LUN On Solaris X86 – Fdisk Problems – Nominet Techblog, 4/26
Andy has had recent issues with connecting Solaris 10 x86 servers to a SANS and describes the troubleshooting procedure.

4. Building Loadable Modules For Apache On Solaris – Martello, 5/2
    Upgrading The Firmware On A SunFire T2000 – Martello, 5/2
In preparing to install the newest release of Solaris 10 on a T2000, James Mernin provides steps on how to bring the system to the most recent firmware. In another post, James provides tips for downloading and installing CoolStack and Sun Studio 11.

5. For The Ones Curious About The Upcoming Sun Studio 12 Release – Cypro’s Telephony, 5/2
Cypro links to the Sun Developer Network and mentions the upcoming release of Sun Studio 12, which he plans to follow closely as he looks forward to “utilizing Sun’s sexy new analysis features in the IDE.”


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