My favorite ones from last week…

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. Why I Love OpenSolaris – Kaiwai’s Blog, 5/6
Kaiwai discusses the benefit of OpenSolaris shipping to customers with drivers and firmware versus the “licensing holy wars” currently experienced with Linux systems.

2. Review of Sun Solaris 10 – All About Linux, 4/30
Ravi begins his review of Solaris 10 by detailing the installation process. He goes on to thoroughly discusses the Solaris Management Console 2.11 and mentions “another aspect of Solaris that is really endearing is the excellent set of online documentation which has been made available by Sun.”

3. Taking IPMP Managed Interfaces Online And Offline – Blog O’Matty, 5/5
Matty discusses how to take Solaris IP multipathing offline while keeping the IP addresses attached and operational, calling the Solaris if_mpadm utility a “simple and straightforward” solution.


One Response to “My favorite ones from last week…”

  1. Sivakanth Mundru Says:

    Thanks for putting the good stuff together

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