My favorite ones from last week…

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere last week:

1. Sun Making Solaris More Linux-Like – Server Specs, 5/10’s data center blog mentions the Sun project, Indiana, that will work to combine Linux elements with Solaris technology.

2. Why Is Solaris 10 Important – Unix Admin Corner, 5/10
Jamesd links to Ben Rockwood’s JavaOne slide that provides a sample of Solaris 10 features, and mentions this to be particularly helpful for Linux users thinking about moving to Solaris.

3. Installing A Solaris JumpStart Server – Martello, 5/10
Having recently acquired several SunFire T1000 servers, James Mernin upgraded to Solaris 10/06 and provides steps towards installing and configuring a jumpstart server.

4. Solaris Fibre Channel Management – Blog O’Matty, 5/9
    Adding Status Support To The Solaris DD Utility – Blog O’Matty, 5/14
Matty discusses how storage management has changed with the introduction of Solaris 10, and in another post describes code that he put together to allow the ability to send the dd utility a signal to get the status of a copy operation.

5. LDOM’s 1.0 Tested – Sparks and White Noise, 5/11
Octave confirms that previously posted steps on configuring Logical Domains work with the 1.0 release, and he plans to post in the future on virtual devices and services.

6. Thoughts On Java And Open Source From JavaOne 2007 – 451 CAOS Theory, 5/15
Vishwanath discusses the completion of the OpenJDK project and JavaOne sessions on integrating programming languages like JRuby and Groovy on the Java platform, and says “an open source Java is a momentous event.”

7. Sun Honeymoon Update: Storage – SmugBlog, 5/16
A fan of Sun’s X2200 M2 servers, Don MacAskill discusses the shortcomings of the Sun StorEdge 3320 SCSI arrays, but mentions that the StorEdge 2540 array has good performance.


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