My favorite ones from last two weeks…

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere during the last two weeks:

1. Cloning a Solaris Zone – Martello, 7/11
Having recently cloned on a Solaris Zone, James says “it was a breeze, so much easier (and far, far quicker) than creating another zone from scratch.” He goes on to describe how to setup the system to clone Zones.

2. ZFS Replication – Digital Badger, 7/11
Mark walks through his notes on utilizing the ZFS send and receive commands and highlights that “the real coolness starts with the incremental transfers,” which “drastically reduce bandwidth and the time taken to replicate data.”

3. Using More of ZFS’ Power – Unix Admin Corner, 7/8
Discussing the migration of directories to ZFS, Jim mentions how “one of the nicest reasons for doing this [migrating] is that you can just export your zfs pool before you do an upgrade or reinstall of Solaris and import pool later.” This blogger also links to a Sun blog post for creating automated snapshots.

4. ZFS Test Suite & More Released – Phoronix, 6/26
Michael highlights the release of the ZFS Test Suite and Solaris Test Framework to

5. IDE Shootout: Roundup – JUGCologne, 7/6
Michael discusses a recent IDE Shootout with representatives of JetBrains, Oracle, Eclipse and NetBeans, with the NetBeans discussion “one of the best of the evening.”

6.Seam 2.0 and NetBeans 6.0 M10 – JJ Blogger, 7/6
   Saw It, Got It, Using It – JJ Blogger, 7/2
   JBoss Seam + NetBeans Update 2 – JJ Blogger, 6/29
Jeff recently downloaded NetBeans 6.0 M10 and has been working with Seam 2.0 and the NetBeans Seam plugin.

7. NetBeans 6.0 M10 Available – Semantic Metadata, 7/3
Mathias highlights the most recent NetBeans release and lists the new updates including Ruby Debugger enhancements, Plugin Manager and Visual Designer.

8. Have You Tried NetBeans 6.0 M9 Release? – JavaLobby, 7/1
Arpit praises the recent NetBeans release and calls it “the biggest upcoming revolution in Java Development scenario.”

9. Back From a Little Break – Sparks and White Noise, 6/27
Octave mentions his recent upgrade to Solaris Express Build 66, and goes on to discuss Sun’s recent product announcements such as the new Sun Blade 6000 platform and Sun Studio 12. The blogger says, “The new IDE is awesome and the installation is painless […] the open sourcing of Solaris Cluster is a huge win for everyone.”

10. Data Centers Design and Management Need Updated – Blade Watch, 7/1
Discussing an article on energy efficiency in the data center, Martin mentions the efficiency of the Sun T1000.


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