My favorite ones from last week…

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere during last week:

1. Solaris Express – Kaiwai’s Blog, 7/13
Kaiwai recently installed Solaris Express Community Edition and hopes VMWare will be ported to Solaris x86 in the near future.

2. Solaris on Intel is Telecoms’ Grade – BladeWatch, 7/17
Martin highlights the recent availability of Solaris on Intel-based rack and blade servers and says it is “great news, and brings more choice for the telecommunications market to choose which platforms they use for their Solaris based systems.”

3. Energy Efficient Computer Labs and How IT Can Work to Remove Roadblocks – Mikael Gueck’s Little Island of Excitement, 7/13
Mikael discussed the idea of creating a more energy efficient computer lab and identified Sun Ray Client technology as a key solution. He mentioned Sun Ray as an alternative to off-the-shelf computers that “are becoming much more powerful than necessary.” Mikael went on to say, “The Sun Ray client connects to your monitor, mouse, USB and Ethernet, and lets you run 10 lab desktop sessions on one computer.13 It’s stateless, all the processing happens on the other end. If the Sun Ray desktop client breaks, you just replace it, and you’re back up and running where you were before the break.”

4. Sun LDOMs on CoolThreads Servers – Outside the Asylum, 7/12
Daniel recently setup LDOMs on a T2000 and advises following the release notes.


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