Bloggers feedback on JavaFX project updates

This week, several NetBeans and Java bloggers wrote on the release of the JavaFX NetBeans plugin and the launch of the JavaFX compiler project. Below are some of the prominent ones.

— Jacques Surveyer blogged about both the JavaFX compiler and the JavaFX NetBeans plugin. He frames his post by saying that “GUI integration continues to heat up” and states that the compiler means JavaFX can run on more platforms, and that JavaFXPad is intended to “simplify and enhance the GUI building process.”

— The release of the JavaFX NetBeans plugin gave blogger Mathias Lux the “impulse” he needed to look more closely at it. He describes the plugin as “essential” and appreciates how the IDE does all of the important work in terms of building and running JavaFX files. He feels this is important for developers that are more familiar with other scripting languages.

— Fabrizio Guidici digs into the profiler improvements in NetBeans 6 M10. He guides readers through some installation steps then highlights how the integrated profiler allows him to start profiling a Tomcat server in just a few mouse clicks.

In additional blog posts concerning NetBeans 6 M10, Matt Mawson offers his perspective on NetBeans from the perspective of an IDEA developer, saying it is catching up.

In other news, InfoWorld Strategic Developer blog had a recap of the IDE shootout at the recent JUG Cologne event.

Finally, check out below on how to get filthy rich… 🙂

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Running Time: 5:15

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