My favorite ones from last week…

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere during last week:

1. NetBeans 6 Will Likely Use GPLv2 – ZDNet, 8/20
Ed Burnette talks about Sun and its release of NetBeans 6.0 under GPLv2.The blogger claims that NetBeans 6.0 will not only be well received by NetBeans contributors, but will also enable more open source code sharing.

2. The Straight Story: Solaris on Mainframe – Search Data, 8/22
Matt Stansberry talks about porting Solaris over to System Z.This move will help address the issue of server sprawl by creating value for existing infrastructure and dealing with power and cooling issues at the same time.

3. Go Solaris, Go – Pharao’s Blog, 8/21
Timo Zimmermann talks about how he is very attracted to Solaris but there a few items that he feels could be tweaked. Some features he felt needed a solution were: errors about the hostname, the default shell not supporting [Tab]-completion, and the VirtualBox that only supports three hard drives.

4. Solaris X86 and IBM.. – Sparks and White Noise, 8/18
Octave Orgeron explains that there is a growing demand for Solaris X86 and talks about the newly formed partnership with IBM, which will help Sun’s products into the mainstream.

5. IBM Sees the Light? – Solaris Jedi, 8/16
Christopher Hubbell discusses the positive joining of IBM and Solaris, which could possibly provide incredible advances to Sun’s abilities.


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