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Links of the week…

September 29, 2007
Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere during last week:

1. Sun Enters the VDI Market Announcing its Own Connection Broker —, 9/20
In this blog, Alessandro Perilli discusses Sun’s new initiatives on desktop virtualization. He feels Sun is making the right choice by entering this space.

2. FFT Project & OpenSolaris — The Heat and the Chill of Tech on the Net, 9/19
Thermo talks about how Sun is pushing OpenSolaris to the extreme. He think this is benefiting the OpenSolaris code base.

3. New Project Indiana Details Emerge — Phoronix, 9/19
In this blog article, a session attendee at Moscone Center West discusses Project Indiana, the OpenSolaris Binary Distribution. The blogger notes that among the many advantages of Project Indiana, it will use Sun’s ZFS as the default file-system.

4. Sun Releases New Intel Based Servers — BladeWatch, 9/26
Commenting on Sun’s recent announcement, Martin MacLeod says that Sun’s new servers “sound very cool” and he “love[s] the energy efficiency aspect.”


NetBeans Reviews

September 28, 2007
The buzz about NetBeans 6.0 beta 1 has continued into a second week, as the volume of notable blog reviews below shows.

1. One week of beta 1 — Installation time, The Netbeans Experience, 9/25
    One week of beta 1 — Party time with Web Services, The Netbeans Experience, 9/26
In these back-to-back posts, a NetBeans user discusses his first week using beta 1. In the one entry, he notes that everything went right with installation and jokingly asks the NetBeans team to “[not] make it so smoothly with beta 2, so there’s something to complain about when blogging about the installation.” In his other post, the user comments on the “cool” SWING client and notes, “All in all I am very happy, [NetBeans] is rather stable.”

2. Why is NetBeans still so slow?, Pain and Glory from the Trenches of the IT World, 9/21
Pinderkent discusses the initial beta release of NetBeans 6.0 and how he feels it to be a bit sluggish. He does, however, have a firm belief that NetBeans will vastly improve by the time the final release is available. Positively, this blogger discussed the great integration between NetBeans, Glassfish and Tomcat.

3. NetBeans 6.0 B1 with Glassfish V2 FCS — And Still No Smoke, Adam Bien’s Weblog, 9/20
In this blog, Adam Bien discusses the NetBeans integration with GlassFish and was extremely happy when he did not run into any problems. He states that the only thing he misses is some functionality that was included in NetBeans 5.5.1.

4. NetBeans 6.0 Beta 1, IBM DeveloperWorks, 9/19
Patrick Mueller, a technical staff member in the IBM Software Group, decides to try out and blog about NetBeans 6.0, triggered by positive reviews he read on Javalobby and other blogs. He offers his list of pros and cons, focusing on Ruby and explaining that as an Eclipse user, there are some positive features of NetBeans. The blogger ends by stating that NetBeans is great competition for Eclipse, and he may use it for “one off” Ruby projects.

5. NetBeans 6.0 and JE, Charles Lamb’s Blog, 9/19
Charles Lamb gives a brief bulleted list of very positive NetBeans features. He states that the overall look is great and it runs on any platform.

InfoWorld review: “Dynamite Comes in Small Packages”

September 27, 2007
Today InfoWorld featured a very positive review of the Sun Blade 6000, awarding it a score of 8.5 ("Very Good") out of 10. The reviewer, Paul Venezia, evaluated the Sun Blade 8000 system last year and notes that the newer, scaled-down 6000 series "offers the greatest range of any blade chassis essentially because you can mix and match dual-socket Intel, AMD and single-socket SPARC-based blades in the same chassis."

Paul begins his review by detailing his extensive testing environment (a Sun Blade 6000 chassis with six blades, two Network Express Module and four dual-gigabit Express Modules, working with a variety of operating systems) and points out that JavaRConsole, is "simply stellar" and "works flawlessly." With regards to performance, he mentions he had a bad X6220 Opteron blade in the initial product shipment, but Sun worked to send him a replacement that worked just fine.

Overall, Paul’s testing across three blade architectures showed "solid performance at every level," and he claims that the quad-core Intel Xeon-based blades are "obviously perfect for virtualization." While he’d like to see a refresh of the Sun blades with AMD’s Barcelona and Intel’s Harpertown-based Stoakley platform, he claims that "as far as what’s available today, the price/performance mix delivered by the Sun Blade 6000 is outstanding."

Overall, a very positive review of the new Sun Blade 6000.

Sun Blade 6000 Server

Phoronix Posts Positive Review of SXDE 9/07

September 26, 2007
Yesterday Phoronix published a very positive review of Solaris Express Developer Edition 9/07. The review provides an overview of the features in SXDE including a new Solaris installer and a GUI utility for DTrace with Sun Studio 12.

The reviewer, Michael Larabel, praises the installer, highlighting it as a significant improvement to Solaris that will be particularly beneficial for new Solaris users. He is also very positive on the number of enhancements for hardware support. Overall, the reviewer feels that for first time users “Solaris Express Developer Edition 9/07 is an excellent candidate.

Links of the week…

September 21, 2007
Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere during last week:

1. Sun shows 2U 16-core Barcelona server with FSB1600 — ZDNet, 9/11
George Ou discusses Sun’s 2U 16-core Intel Tigerton server launch and positively mentions Sun’s innovation in the x86 server market. He notes that the system is capable of running DDR2-667 or DDR2-800 and that Sun has also showcased a blade version of this server.

2. Virtual PC and OpenSolaris — Developer’s Quarterdeck Log, 9/15
In this blog, Bill Rushmore talks about cooperation between Microsoft and Sun and the good news that it brings to virtualization as a whole.  He talks about his downloading troubleshooting with Virtual PC and how Solaris did boot up, but only as a black screen. Another blogger suggests workaround/known issues in the comments.

3. Sun releases next version of Java Application Server — TechRepublic, 9/17
In this blog,  Paul Mah discusses the new availability of GlassFish V2 and lists some of the key features embedded in the platform.

4. NetBeans vs. Eclipse, This Time with Attitude — ZDNet, 9/19
Ed Burnette has a very in-depth comparison between NetBeans and Eclipse. He concludes that NetBeans is a great IDE from Sun, and he is sure that many more are to follow.

NetBeans Reviews

September 20, 2007

1. NetBeans Beta 1 Released,, 9/18
Mathias Lux posts that he could not wait to download and install beta 1 and gives his first impressions. He notes no problems with installation, good performance improvements and a cleaner look and feel. He also answers a rhetorical question about why a developer should adopt NetBeans by calling out the “very cool” GUI editor, database support and free profiler.
Download NetBeans

2. NetBeans 6.0 B1 on Vista, First Smoke Test, Adam Bien’s Weblog, 9/18
Adam Bien similarly offers his first take on beta 1, making note of strong support for Vista, the multiple monitor support, the ease with which he imported his 5.5.1 workspace and how the SVN works out of the box. He also notices a significant performance improvement.

3. NetBeans is now a proper Rails IDE, CodeHappy, 9/18
Peter Wright offers his opinion on the significance of Ruby on Rails support in NetBeans. He states that success in getting people to adopt an IDE is telling developers what they didn’t think they need, and that NetBeans does this as a Rails IDE. He cites proper code completion, inline documentation browsing, graphical debugger and “awesome” subversion support as reasons he may switch to NetBeans from TextMate.

4. Today’s News, Café au Lait, 9/18
This blogger makes note of the availability of beta 1 by relating his experience in using NetBeans for the first time. He feels that NetBeans now presents some serious competition for Eclipse, as he feels 6.0 is “clean” and therefore will make it easier to use. He does offer feedback to the NetBeans team for ensuring this usability for people familiar with Eclipse.

5. NetBeans Beta 1 Released (Ruby Edition available), Ruby Inside, 9/19
Peter Cooper informs his readers about the availability of beta 1, stating that 6.0 is the first version of NetBeans to support Ruby. He feels that the NetBeans team “focuses solidly on the things that Ruby on Rails developers need,” and is “powerful and free.”

6. New Release of My Favorite IDE, Davy Brion’s Blog, 9/18
In writing about the release of beta 1, Davy Brion compares NetBeans 6.0 to Visual Studio, stating that its advantage lie in the fact that it is “free, open-source, cross-platform AND stable” and has a lot more features. He encourages other Java developers to check it out. beats Microsoft Word

September 19, 2007


Bruce Byfield of positively positions 2.3 vs. Office 2007 in a word processor shootout evaluation. In his third review over the last 5 years of the two office suites, Sun wins out over Microsoft, again. In his prior two comparisons, emerged as superior for its greater stability. This year, he compares the two programs on tools that intermediate and advanced users are likely to use. Interfaces, Styles, Page layout, Bulleted lists, Headers/Footers, Footnotes/Endnotes, Indexes/TOCs and Master documents are some of the categories that bested Office 2007 in this latest review.

Writer emerges as the winner in the majority of categories with Bruce stating, "As free software, Writer has advantages that Word is unlikely to match — its philosophy, its price, its easy availability, and its frequent updates."


Sun Shares Its Vision

September 17, 2007
In an article published in Desktop Engineering, Michael Schulman and Linda Fellingham discuss how Sun’s Shared Visualization Software enables organizations to virtualize graphics hardware which provides efficient graphical interaction for a wide range of users who are not using a high-powered workstation. Check it out here.

Links of the week…

September 15, 2007
Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere during last week:

1. Can New Solaris Beat Linux in Server Market? — ZDNet, 9/11
Dana Blankenhorn and Paula Rooney talks about announcement of Solaris 10 8/07 and how its new features will help enterprise managers in open source.

2. Solaris 10 Update 4 on ESX Server —, 9/6
Scott Lowe discusses his experience with Solaris 10 8/07 (Update 4).

3. The BrandZ Framework Enhancements — Blog’o thnet, 9/12
Julien Gabel talks about Linux support on OpenSolaris (Brand Z) and the upcoming availability on Solaris kernel.

4. Open Source Software For Your Biz — The Things I Do….., 9/13
This blogger talks about OpenOffice and GooglePack. He explains that they are his favorite alternatives to MS Word.

5. Sun’s is the Way Forward for Grid — Blade Watch, 9/10
Martin MacLeod touches on the recently developed partnership between Sun and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Both organizations have come together to take advantage of utility computing for StarSim application that involves accumulation and analyzing images of ion collisions.

NetBeans wins a “BOSSIE” award

September 11, 2007
InfoWorld recognized NetBeans as the best open source IDE, as part of its first annual Best of Open Source or “Bossie” award. The award recognizes NetBeans, as opposed to Eclipse, because it has out-innovated Eclipse and “has hewn closely to the vision of a lightweight, responsive, and easily configurable IDE.” The article further states, “For its commitment to quality over quantity and for the courage to rip and replace modules to improve developer productivity, we salute the NetBeans team and its stellar IDE. NetBeans wins the Bossie.

This is the second Bossie won by Sun. ZFS won another for “Best of Open Source for Storage.”