beats Microsoft Word


Bruce Byfield of positively positions 2.3 vs. Office 2007 in a word processor shootout evaluation. In his third review over the last 5 years of the two office suites, Sun wins out over Microsoft, again. In his prior two comparisons, emerged as superior for its greater stability. This year, he compares the two programs on tools that intermediate and advanced users are likely to use. Interfaces, Styles, Page layout, Bulleted lists, Headers/Footers, Footnotes/Endnotes, Indexes/TOCs and Master documents are some of the categories that bested Office 2007 in this latest review.

Writer emerges as the winner in the majority of categories with Bruce stating, "As free software, Writer has advantages that Word is unlikely to match — its philosophy, its price, its easy availability, and its frequent updates."



One Response to “ beats Microsoft Word”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The fun thing is that you can pick the winner by focusing on some features and exclude others.
    Case in point: mail merge. Funny how that one was left out.
    It also depends on what you are looking for. I remember the old Quark vs PageMaker shootouts. The winner was always predictable based on the focus of who was doing the evaluation. You dont layout a book in Quark and you dont layout a print ad in PageMaker.
    Personally, word/excel/powerpoint is still ahead of OO (but I have not had a chance to play with 2.3 yet, its downloading now) That said, the gap is quickly closing.

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