Links of the week…

Selected Sun product conversations in blogosphere during last week:

1. Sun Enters the VDI Market Announcing its Own Connection Broker —, 9/20
In this blog, Alessandro Perilli discusses Sun’s new initiatives on desktop virtualization. He feels Sun is making the right choice by entering this space.

2. FFT Project & OpenSolaris — The Heat and the Chill of Tech on the Net, 9/19
Thermo talks about how Sun is pushing OpenSolaris to the extreme. He think this is benefiting the OpenSolaris code base.

3. New Project Indiana Details Emerge — Phoronix, 9/19
In this blog article, a session attendee at Moscone Center West discusses Project Indiana, the OpenSolaris Binary Distribution. The blogger notes that among the many advantages of Project Indiana, it will use Sun’s ZFS as the default file-system.

4. Sun Releases New Intel Based Servers — BladeWatch, 9/26
Commenting on Sun’s recent announcement, Martin MacLeod says that Sun’s new servers “sound very cool” and he “love[s] the energy efficiency aspect.”


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