NetBeans Reviews

1. Three Weeks of NetCAT 60 – Back in the Saddle,  — The NetBeans Experience, 10/17
In this blog, Iwan talks about his disappearance from blogging and, now that he is back, how he had a chance to install the dev build that came out last Monday. While he offers positive commentary about how NetBeans does much of the heavy lifting for him when it comes to web services, he writes that he has encountered some possible WS-client bugs.
Download NetBeans 6.0

2. Netbeans Ruby and Rails IDE — Atom Thoughts, 10/16
In this blog, developer Tom Davies discusses his initial thoughts on NetBeans 6 Beta 1 for Ruby development. Davies has been using Eclipse for about seven years primarily for Java development and notes that after playing around with NetBeans for Ruby that there is no comparison, and may cause him to consider NetBeans for Java development in the future. He firmly states that NetBeans is the clear winner over Aptana with RadRails.

3. Ruby NetBeans, Now With Haml and Better Rspec Support —, 10/15
Kurt Schrader writes about his decision to try NetBeans for Ruby development because of its refactoring support, ability to jump to method definitions, and ability to auto complete code. He also states that because NetBeans quickly addressed issues related to Haml support, that he will give serious consideration to switching from Textmate.

4. Covers NetBeans XML Schema Tools + Great Tutorial on XML Schema Tools —, 10/12
Charles Ditzel points his audience to’s screencast on NetBeans XML Schema Tools. He explains that he is extremely intrigued with how you can easily create XML schemas by example.


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