Solaris Reviews

1. Upgrade to Solaris Dev edition & ZFS mirrors — Learning Solaris 10, 10/17
This blogger writes about using Solaris on his laptop and that it is “a rewarding and sometimes intriguing experience…” He installed the Developer Edition without a problem, however had the installer reformatted his internal disk.

2. Solaris/SPARC vs AIX/Power (1) — ZDNet, 10/17
    Solaris/SPARC vs AIX/Power (2) — ZDNet, 10/18
Paul Murphy discusses what one would do if facing a data center choice between IBM’s AIX on Power offerings and Sun’s Solaris on SPARC. He mentions, “Sun’s stuff is… as up to date as the partner’s own website, where IBM’s approach leaves you to first find, and then grope around in, the vendor’s website looking for a current product write-up.” He also says, “…if you pre-commit to Solaris on SPARC and then start hunting for just the right application, your chances of success are on the order of ten times better than if you pre-commit to AIX on Power.”

3. LDoms 1.0.1 — Sparks and White Noise, 10/15
Octave Orgeron talks about the recent release of LDoms 1.0.1 and how it adds platform support for the UltraSPARC T2. The blogger also goes on to explain that there are also many bug fixes that are included or are part of the Solaris 10 Update 4.


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