Great NetBeans review in Java Developers’ Journal today

In NetBeans reviews this week, Java Developer Journal posted a very positive review of NetBeans 6.0. The author, Osvaldo Pinali Doederlein takes a good look at the new release and highlights key new features, improved architecture and better code completion. Osvaldo first points out that NetBeans’ overall functionality has been great with the platform’s complete coverage of Java platforms from ME to EE, its support of effective GUI building and its open architecture. He breaks up his review into different categories and gives his take on the improvements that now make NetBeans 6.0 “worthy of the bump in the major version number.” Osvaldo maintained a very positive tone while pointing out that the platform’s previous weaknesses in the code editor and refactoring have been shored up with the latest version. He finishes the review by stating that “developers upgrading to NetBeans 6.0 will not only have extensive support for all kinds of Java development but also a best-of-breed features set in every important functionality area.”

Some Additional blog reviews are below.

1. Porting the NetBeans AspectJ Plugin to 6.0 — Ramon.Ramos, 10/31
Developer Ramon Ramos explains his experience while adapting the AspectJ NetBeans plugin to run with NetBeans 6.0. In particular, he shares how he “managed to embed the global view and the file view like they appear in AJBrowser in NetBeans and use the file view as sort of navigator that becomes updated when you switch files in the editor.”

2. What’s the Status of a Spring IDE for NetBeans? — Ramon.Ramos, 10/30
In this blog, Ramon discusses the Spring NetBeans Module. He explains that the module is referenced when users ask for support of Spring on NetBeans, and states that he is looking forward to further development of it and a possible merge of the two spring supporting modules.

3. Must Have NetBeans 6.0 (b2) Plug-ins — Adam Bien’s Weblog, 10/26
In this blog, Adam gives a brief tutorial on the easiest way to install a plug-in and highlights his favorite one. On his list are the UML plug-in, Java FX Script support, Restful services support, the JMeter kit, JMX integration, the Eclipse/JBuilder Importer, and SQE. He explains the benefits of each.

4. NetBeans Platform Class Loader Trick — Inspiration and Expression, 10/26
Tonny Kohar offers his workaround for the limitation in NetBeans of loading resources from one module into another. His solution is to use the other module’s ClassLoader to resolve the resources, and then walks through how to go about implementing the solution.


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