This week’s NetBeans blogs and reviews

1. Editor gutter annotations for the NetBeans AspectJ Module — Ramon.Ramos, 11/02 – 11/06
    AspectJ navigation actions on editor gutter in NetBeans plug-in
    Using the AspectJ plug-in module for NetBeans
In these posts, developer Ramon Ramos continues his ongoing account of his development of a NetBeans AspectJ plug-in by sharing how he implemented the feature of showing aspectj annotations on the editor gutter, and implementing navigation actions. He then takes his readers through how to install and use it.
Download NetBeans 6.0

2. Blackboard Projects — Playing with Building Blocks, 11/02
In this blog, Malcom talks about his experiences with NetBeans and states that there are a few things that he loves, but still a few things that he feels needs work. When his production server migrates to new hardware and has made it to version 7.1, he plans to play around with it and create project templates to examine the IDE.

3. OSX and JavaFX Script — The JJ Blogger, 11/05
In this blog, Josh Juneau talks about the complaining of JDK6 not being ported over to OSX 10.5 Leopard. He explains that he would like start using JavaFX within his Java programs on his Mac and without thinking twice, downloaded NetBeans to start the process. He is now in need of JDK 6 to move forward with JavaFX on the Mac.

4. OS X, J2ME and NetBeans 6.0 — The Java Slug, 11/06
This blogger also discussed the gripe on wanting to do Java Mobile development on OSX. He gives a tutorial on how to get J2ME up and running on a Mac by using NetBeans 6.0 and OS X Leopard. He thanks Lukas Hasik for compiling information related to this issue!

5. NetBeans and BlackBerry — Jonathan Fischer, 11/7
The developer has focused on Blackberry development using NetBeans shares the fact that he wrote a module that allows someone to convert a string to a long used as a hash for a store object. He poses a question about what resources exist that will help him port this module to NetBeans 6.0.

6. NetBeans 6.0 Great Ruby IDE — Blue Sky Workshop Blog, 11/7
This developer shares how he is blown away by his first experience with NetBeans 6.0 for Ruby development. He finishes his long post by stating, "if you have been itching to learn Rails, this is the tool you need to start with."


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