Solaris blogs/reviews

1. Server Upgrade Time – gets modern — Elektronkind, 11/17
Dale Ghent mentions that a new Dell PowerEdge 860 running Solaris 10 8/07 has been chosen to replace the infrastructure of The upgrade went without a hitch, and he details how is taking advantage of ZFS in this new infrastructure setup.

2. OpenSolaris as SCSI Target — Within Reason, 11/19
Ceri Davies talks about the OpenSolaris COMSTAR project releasing their first set of bits. Ceri explains that with this introduction OpenSolaris now supports native CIFS and that he had to try it as soon as possible. The code drop works on Solaris 10 and he explains how he got this going.

3. Proxying Requests Through the Solaris SNMP Daemon — Blog O’ Matty, 11/18
In this blog, Matty referst to a previous blog he wrote about Orca being used to graph JVM utilization. He explains that in order to get the solution running, you must be able to use the Java SNMP agent. He suggests using the Solaris SNMP daemon when using multiple SNMP agents.

4. New Arrival… — Sparks and White Noise, 11/16
Octave Orgeron shows his readers that he has finally received the Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120. He notes that he will be reviewing this for the next few weeks and blogging about his experiences with Solaris and LDOMs.

5. Saving the Planet with Sun’s Thin Client or an Asus Eee PC – Tim Anderson’s ITWriting
Tim Anderson touches on the Sun Ray 2 and claims that the typical power consumption is 8 watts versus 50-120 for a traditional PC. He explains that he is unsure about using a thin client for allof his work, but likes the idea of accomplishing common tasks without firing up an energy hungry PC or laptop.


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