IDM 7.1 Scores a 5-out-of-5 Star Rating from SC Magazine

SC Magazine posted a round-up of identity management product reviews in its January issue. Sun Identity Manager 7.1 scored an overall rating of five out of five stars and was positioned as a solution that is designed to play at a high level in a large environment. Sun’s solution was said to focus on "creating and managing provisioning workflows quickly and easily, as well as auditing and compliance" and was praised for its ease of use and high performance.

The reviewers detailed a number of Identity Manager 7.1 features including the two ways in which users can create workflows, noting that Sun’s automated workflow screen is simple and intuitive to use. They also highlighted the fact that Identity Manager integrates well with existing environments and streamlines user identity management.

The review does mention that product installation was a bit tricky due to the many pieces required to install and configure the software, but quickly adds that, once the system is up and running, everything is quite intuitive.

Overall, this is a very positive piece on Sun’s Identity Manager 7.1.

Sun Java System Identity Manager


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