NetBeans blogs and reviews

This week’s NetBeans blogs/reviews follow…

1. Netbeans serves up WebSphere 6.x — WebSphere Geek, 1/16
This WebSphere user states that NetBeans has always been his favorite IDE, but has lamented that it has not supported WebSphere. He then calls out how that has changed with NetBeans 6.0, and then describes the key aspects to this support.
Download NetBeans 6.0

2. Thank you netbeans for saving my time! — Papo’s Blog, 1/14
This developer from Greece discusses how he has tried to use both Eclipse and BEA’s Workshop tool to develop BPM applications, but has been frustrated by slow and buggy experiences. He then describes how NetBeans is much more productive for such complex development, but still regrets having to use Workshop for his process modeling.

3. NetBeans for RubyOnRails: 2 Days Later — Tobin Harris, 1/14
    Wow. NetBeans 6.0 for Ruby on Rails — Tobin Harris, 1/12
Tobin Harris gives his very positive first impressions of NetBeans 6.0 with the RoR plugin. He highlights the smooth install, visually appealing startup screen, its ability to work with existing projects, strong code completion and the maturity of the IDE. He goes on state how he appreciates “feeling the love during a first encounter with a tool.” He follows it up with another post with more a more detailed list of “great things” with NetBeans 6.0, as well as a few “gripes,” including problems with the SVN client and slow performance of the code completion.

4. NetBeans Does Not Work for Me — Mad Andys Bad Thoughts, 1/10
Andreas Schaefer writes his reason for disliking NetBeans, mainly due to his opinion that IDE “should support a developer rather than telling him/her how to develop software.” He also feels that NetBeans does not provide the flexibility to allow a developer to build a project the way he/she would like. He then lists specific aspects to NetBeans that he does not like.


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