Solaris blogs this week…

Selected Solaris conversations from the blogosphere…

1. Uninstalling Sun Studio — Martello, 1/16
This blogger explains that he recently needed to upgrade to a newer version of Sun Studio on a Solaris 10 system due to better support of natively compiled Ruby Gem packages. He found that uninstalling Studio 11 was not the easiest thing to do, therefore shares a quick step process.
Solaris 10

2. ZFS for Your Mac — Tech.Nocr.At, 1/15
Frank Linhares posts a quick definition of ZFS and goes on to tell his fellow Mac readers that the "superior file system" provides simple administration, transactional semantics, end-to-end data integrity and "some serious scalability." He adds that, when ZFS for the Mac matures, it will be a great benefit for any user.

3. Installing the OpenSolaris Preview Remotely — To Timidly Go Where Many Have Gone Before, 1/13
In this blog post, Chad Mynhier discusses his trials, errors and successes while installing the OpenSolaris preview on a ThinkPad. In the end, he’s able to complete installation by copying the sshd binary to his desktop, then back to his laptop.

4. Zone Update on Attach Functionality — Blog O’Matty, 1/10
Matty notes that many users may have run into issues when trying to migrate a zone from one machine to another using Solaris’ zone migration features, especially if the servers don’t have the same set of patches or packages installed. He links to a Sun site where PSARC 2007/621 information is posted, claiming this "super super useful feature" fixes the problem.


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