ZDNet: “Catching X86 Between Rocks and Cells”

ZDNet’s Paul Murphy continues to examines our forthcoming Rock hardware and compares it to Intel, Windows and the x86 infrastructure.

According to him, “Sun’s Rock is pretty cool hardware too — a machine with the potential to side step the scaling issues that have traditionally limited SMP system expansion. As I understand it, the Rock hardware is sufficiently backward compatible that existing Solaris binaries for SPARC work — but the big potential gains won’t be realized without significant kernel, library, and application simplification … If Linux continues to evolve as everyone’s preferred solution for grid computing and IBM shifts much of the focus there to PPC and Cell — while Sun rocks the SMP world with highly scalable solutions built on Solaris, then where does all that leave Windows and x86?

Where else? In the dust!!! 🙂

Sun's Rock chip


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