High honors…

Fortune Magazine has recently published the list of "America’s Most Admired Companies." Our ranking within the Computers category jumped from #7 in the Contenders list in 2007 to #5 in the Most Admired list.

Our rankings improved in nearly every category. The most dramatic improvements include a 3 position jump in both Quality of Management and Use of Corporate Assets as well as a 2 position increase in Innovation and People Management categories.

Our 2008 and 2007 scores/rankings are below. Improvements galore, and nice to know that everybody is noticing our turnaround.

Ranking: 2008 Ranking: 2007
Overall Score 6.39 6.09
Rank in Computers 5 7
Innovation 2 4
People management 4 6
Use of corporate assets 5 8
Social Responsibility 3 4
Quality of management 5 8
Financial soundness 8 8
Long-term investment 7 7
Quality of products / services 6 6

In other news, Employer’s Group honored Sun as a Top 20 Best Place to Work in California.

Fortune's Most Admired Companies


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