NetBeans reviews of this week…

1. Netbeans 6.1 Beta — JJ Blogger, 3/19
Josh Juneau reviews NetBeans 6.1, having recently downloaded it on his Mac. He finds the following to be nice: "No need to manually set up libraries or import projects, ALL of my settings from 6.0.1 have been imported successfully, Javascript support is nice and Startup time has been greatly reduced." He does call attention to finding one negative point so far and that being that facelets support is completely gone from what he can tell with this release.
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2. Java IDE’s, Cadred.NET — 3/19
Microsoft developer Michael Cook states that he is "new to the Java scene," so he recently evaluated NetBeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA to determine which IDE to use. He states that he is leaning towards NetBeans because of the better out-of-the-box experience, it is more Visual Studio-like and it has visual designer tools for JSF. He further states that the barrier to entry for Eclipse is very high because of the need to install so many plugins.

3. Shared libraries finally made it to NetBeans — Big Al’s Blog, 3/19
NetBeans developer Allan Christensen shares with his readers his first impressions after installing NetBeans 6.1 beta. He notes that the first thing that caught his attention is the shared library functionality. He discusses what he needed to do previously as a workaround to do what the feature now provides, then walks through how the use the new functionality.

4. NetBeans 6.1 and Why I’m a Banana — NetBeans for the Coffee Drinker, 3/19
NetBeans developer Paul Clevett comments on NetBeans 6.1 and details his efforts to move 6.0.1 project to the new version. He describes some problems he had seen in his application, but mentions how a post from Roman Strobl helped him work through the problem. He notes how excited he is to use 6.1 and also how he has noticed a big performance improvement.

5. Scala on NetBeans v6.1 — Mike Slinn’s Blog, 3/18
Developer Mike Slinn expresses his excitement over the full support for Scala in NetBeans 6.1. He points his readers to where the plugin can be downloaded and notes that while it is "unfinished," he looks forward to using it. He also offers the opinion that someone should add support for the Lift framework to give Ruby and Rails and Groovy "a run for their money."

6. NetBeans 6.1 Beta — Javablog, 3/18
Sam calls his recent switch to NetBeans 6.0 from Eclipse a "very nice experience," noting that "profiling is completely integrated (on all platforms), J2ME and webapp support is awesome and NetBeans uses ant for building projects… so we got a headless builder for free."

7. New Netbeans – 6.1 — Citizen Kane Blog, 3/17
Kane writes about the impressive speed of the NetBeans 6.1 beta, and mentions, "NetBeans is one step closer to becoming the ultimate IDE for me." In his experience, the speed boost was even higher than the "up to 40% faster startup" boasted by NetBeans. He also notes improved features such as improved JavaDoc writing, support for JavaScript and new hints for Ruby and Rails.

8. NetBeans: Beta, once again? — Digital:Meditation, 3/17
Kawazu reviews the NetBeans 6.1 beta, noting that 6.1 is "definitely worth dealing with, as quite a lot of work obviously has been put into what’s likely to be 6.1 rather soon." He predicts Issue 44035 is likely to be fixed, making it easier to share NetBeans projects around. He also applauds the return of Support for Java Bean Patterns in the IDE, and "massive improvements" in the tooling for working with the Spring framework.

9. Rails IDE: NetBeans vs. Aptana RadRails, Take 2 — The reality of my fantasy life, 3/12
Rails developer Arron Washington decides to compare Aptana RadRails 1.0, based upon its recent release, to NetBeans 6.0. He states that he had switched to NetBeans after Aptana "went closed source" but decided to give it another look. He feels that RadRails "is OK" but "needs more polish." He then states that he has gotten so comfortable to NetBeans that it would hard to get him to switch back.

10. Improved Spring Framework Support in NetBeans 6.1 — Ramon.Ramos, 3/6
Developer Ramon Ramos highlights support for the Spring Framework as a noteworthy enhancement to NetBeans 6.1. He states that the significance of this is that it makes it easier to work with XML configuration files. He then shows screen shots to illustrate the functionality.


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