Solaris reviews of the week

1. Solaris 10 — NetBeans for the Coffee Drinker, 3/19
This blogger tested Solaris 10 for a week and is impressed with its stability and compatibility with NetBeans and Second Life. He was also impressed with the networking speed, noting that Solaris 10 makes his life “a joy because I’m not constantly crashing or having problems.” As for dislikes, the blogger wishes Sun would install a control panel for managing users and groups.

2. Solaris Express — Free Colin, 3/17
Colin Black writes about his experiences setting up Solaris Express Developer Edition on back-end servers for his company Earthlink. While he had originally felt that Solaris was slow and difficult to compile applications on it, his experience with the Solaris Express Developer Edition was much better, prompting him to note: “I actually love it! The install process is an absolute breeze and only takes a few minutes on modern hardware.” According to him, Solaris is a compelling option as a solid and well-accepted UNIX desktop OS.

3. How To: Change IP Address in Solaris 10 without Reboot — sQew, 3/13
This blogger gives a step by step overview on how readers can add or edit the IP address on a Solaris 10 server, as the process is different than with previous Solaris versions.


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